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First Name: Joaquin
Last Name: Niemann
Hometown: Santiago
Country: CHL
Rank: 5
2017Brazil Open (LatinoAmerica Tour)T9
2017Bolivian Open4th
2017Brisas Chicureo Open (CHL)Champion
2017US Amateur64's
2017US Am - MedalT6
2017Western Amateur (IL, USA)Quarters
2017Greenbrier Classic (PGA Tour)T29
2017Mexican International AmChampion
2017US Open Sectionals (3 spots)T2
2017AJGA May Open (FL, USA)Champion
2017Junior Invitational (GA, USA)Champion
2017AJGA Innisbrook Open (FL, USA)Champion
2017Araucarias Open Amateur (CHL)Champion
2017Lirios Open (CHL)Champion
2017Chilean Match AmateurQuarters
2017Serena Open (CHL)T8
2017Granadilla Open (CHL)Champion
2017South American Amateur2nd
2017Latin America AmateurT2
2016Orange Bowl (Junior, FL, USA)4th
2016Polo Open (CHL)T4
2016Sport Frances International Am (CHL)Champion
2016Chilean Open3rd
2016South American Team (W/H/L)11/0/5
2016Argentina Open (LatinoAmerica Tour)T21
2016Brisas Open (CHL)Champion
2016Prince of Wales Open Am (CHL)Champion
2016World Amateur TeamT31
2016Chilean International JuniorChampion
2016US Amateur16's
2016Western Amateur (IL, USA)16's
2016US Junior32's
2016US Junior - medalT8
2016Junior World (CA, USA)Champion
2016Junior World Cup (JPN)Champion
2016AJGA May Open (FL, USA)Champion
2016South American Junior TeamChampion
2016Chilean Match AmateurSemi's
2016Santa Elvira Open Amateur (CHL)Champion
2016Serena Open (CHL)3rd
2016Granadilla Open (CHL)10th
2016South American AmateurT11
2016Latin America AmateurT3
2016Cachagua Open (CHL)T11
2015Orange Bowl (Junior, FL, USA)T2
2015Polo Open (CHL)T3
2015Sport Frances International Am (CHL)Champion
2015South American Team (W/H/L)5/1/2
2015Prince of Wales Open Am (CHL)T5