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First Name: Matthew
Last Name: Wolff
Hometown: Agoura Hills
St/Prov: CA
Country: USA
Rank: 9
2019Master of the Amateurs (VIC, AUS)T4
2018Royal Oaks Intercollegiate (TX, USA)T1
2018Olympia Fields Illini Invite (IL, USA)Champion
2018Carmel Cup (CA, USA)Champion
2018Palmer Cup (W/H/L)2/0/2
2018NCAA D1 National Match (W/H/L, USA)2/0/1
2018NCAA D1 National (USA)T7
2018NCAA D1 Ohio Regional (USA)T2
2018USA Collegiate D1 Rank (all year, pre-Regionals)4
2017US Amateur64's
2017US JuniorFinalist
2017US Junior - medalT7
2017Southwestern Amateur (USA)T12
2017Junior Invitational (GA, USA)T11
2017Azalea Invitational (SC, USA)T9