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First Name: Turk
Last Name: Pettit
Hometown: Sugar Grove
St/Prov: NC
Country: USA
Rank: 50
2020US Amateur64's
2020US Am - strokeT18
2020Western Amateur (IL, USA)16's
2020Western Am - strokeT7
2020North and South Amateur (NC, USA)Quarters
2020North and South Am Medal (NC, USA)T14
2020Palmetto Intercollegiate (SC, USA)2nd
2019Ka'anapali Collegiate (HI, USA)T24
2019GC of Georgia Collegiate (USA)T11
2019Nicklaus Inv (collegiate, OH, USA)3/0/0
2019Nike Collegiate (TX, USA)T23
2019Maui Jim Intercollegiate (AZ, USA)2nd
2019Western Amateur (IL, USA)Quarters
2019Western Am - stroke4th
2019Southern Amateur (USA)6th
2018Ka'anapali Collegiate (HI, USA)T6
2018GC of Georgia Collegiate (USA)T2
2018Nicklaus Invitational (OH, USA, W/H/L)1/1/0
2018Nike Collegiate (TX, USA)T12