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First Name: Olly
Last Name: Huggins
Hometown: Oxford
Country: ENG
Rank: 95
2021English County Finals (W/T/L)4/0/2
2021Home Internationals (GB&I, W/T/L)5/0/1
2021South East of England Links7th
2021Brabazon Trophy (Eng Open Am)T31
2021Cubefunder (EuroPro Tour)T6
2021Nokia Masters (EuroPro Tour)T24
2021Walton Heath Trophy (ENG)5th
2021England SoutheastT11
2021British AmateurQuarters
2021St Andrews Links Trophy (SCO)T11
2021Shire London (Jamega Tour)T4
2021MOJO Masters (Clutch Tour)4th
2021Oxfordshire (Clutch Tour)T4
2021The Belfry (Clutch Tour)T36
2020South East of England LinksT10
2020British Amateur16's
2020English Amateur (Closed)16's
2020Tillman Trophy (ENG)T3
2020The Leatherhead (Jamega Tour)T10
2020South African AmateurQuarters
2020South African Am - StrokeT15
2020South African Stroke AmateurT26
2020African Amateur2nd
2020Gauteng North Open Am (RSA)T18
2019South Beach International Am (FL, USA)T37
2019Villa Padierna (Gecko Tour)5th