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First Name: Yurav
Last Name: Premlall
Hometown: Edenglen
St/Prov: GT
Country: RSA
Rank: 54
2019Eastern Province Open Am (RSA)11th
2019South Africa Interprovincial A6/2/2
2019Italian International U16T4
2019Kwa Zulu Natal Match Amateur (RSA)Champion
2019Kwa Zulu Natal Match Am - Medal (RSA)T7
2019Southern Cape Open Amateur (RSA)4th
2019South African High SchoolT1
2019Border Open Stroke Am (RSA)T5
2019Limpopo Open Stroke (RSA)T10
2019South African U17 StrokeT5
2019British Amateur64's
2019British Am - medalT18
2019East of Ireland Am OpenT10
2019Challenge #2 Observatory (Big Easy Tour)Champion
2019Western Province Open Am (RSA)16's
2019Western Prov Open Am - Medal (RSA)2nd
2019Challenge 1 Centurion (Big Easy Tour)T4
2019North West Open Am (RSA)T7
2019Northern Open Amateur (RSA)Quarters
2019Northern Open Am - medal (RSA)10th
2019Cape Province Open Am (RSA)7th
2019South African Stroke AmateurT19
2019South African Amateur32's
2019South African Am - medalT19
2019African AmateurT25
2019Free State Open Amateur (RSA)T16
2019NOoM Inland 1 U19 (RSA)2nd
2019NOOM Coastal 1 U19 (RSA)Champion
2018SA Junior Interprovincial A (W/H/L)8/1/3
2018Joburg Junior Open (RSA)10th
2018South Africa Open (Euro Tour)T43
2018Oppenheimer Trophy (RSA)T3
2018Central Gauteng Open Am (RSA)Champion
2018Mpumalanga Open Am (RSA)T7
2018GNGU Silver Salver (RSA)Champion
2018Cape Town Junior Open (RSA)Champion
2018Italian International U1611th
2018Southern Cape Open Amateur (RSA)T4
2018NOOM North and South Junior (RSA)T6
2018NOOM Inland 2 U19 (RSA)T9
2018NOOM Coastal 2 U19 (RSA)T4
2018Boland Open Amateur (RSA)T12
2018North West Open Am (RSA)T3
2018Northern Cape Open Am (RSA)T5
2018South African Amateur32's
2018South African Stroke AmateurT13
2018NOoM Inland 1 U19 (RSA)T6