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First Name: Jackson
Last Name: Koivun
Hometown: Chapel Hill
St/Prov: NC
Country: USA
Rank: 79
2023Junior Invitational (GA, USA)T6
2023Johnson World Junior (SC, USA)Champion
2023Jones Cup (GA, USA)T6
2022South Beach International Am (FL, USA)3rd
2022AJGA Rolex T of C (USA)Champion
2022AJGA Players (FL, USA)2nd
2022US Amateur Qualifying (5 spots)2nd
2022Wyndham Cup (W/T/L)3/0/1
2022North and South Amateur (NC, USA)16's
2022North and South Am - Stroke (NC, USA)T5
2022AJGA North Carolina Invitational (NC, USA)4th
2022Junior Invitational (GA, USA)T9
2022AJGA Feb Invitational (TX, USA)T12
2021AJGA Rolex T of C (USA)2nd
2021San Francisco City (CA, USA)32s
2021San Francisco City - StrokeT12
2021AJGA Players (FL, USA)T19
2021AJGA August Invitational (USA)Champion
2021AJGA July Open 4 (CA, USA)4th
2021US Junior - StrokeT20
2021NCGA Junior (CA, USA)Champion
2021AJGA June Open 3 (CA, USA)2nd
2021NorCal Junior Tour Summer 2 (USA)5th
2021AJGA June Open (AZ, USA)2nd
2021NorCal Junior Tour Spring 6 (USA)T6
2021NorCal Junior Tour Spring 5 (USA)T2