First Name: Mats
Last Name: Ege
Hometown: Kristiansand
Country: NOR
Rank: 62
2023General Hackler Collegiate (SC, USA)Co-Champ
2023Puerto Rico ClassicT10
2023First Coast Amateur (FL, USA)2nd
2023Jones Cup (GA, USA)T15
2022Patriot All America (AZ, USA)T24
2022Ka'anapali Collegiate (HI, USA)T22
2022Bank of Tennessee Intercollegiate (USA)T10
2022Inverness Intercollegiate (OH, USA)T9
2022World Amateur TeamT23
2022Norgescup 4 (NOR)3rd
2022European AmateurT9
2022St Andrews Links Trophy (SCO)T7
2022SoCon (collegiate, USA)6th
2022Hootie at Bulls Bay Intercollegiate (SC, USA)T21
2022General Hackler Collegiate (SC, USA)T21
2021Bank of Tennessee Intercollegiate (USA)T7
2021Marquette Intercollegiate (WI, USA)2nd
2021Norgescup 4 (NOR)3rd
2021Norgescup Match (NOR)Semi's/4th
2021Norgescup 3 (NOR)Champion
2021Norgescup 2 (NOR)Champion
2021Norgescup 1 (NOR)Champion