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The ranking was officially launched internet live on January 12 of 2007 and

thereby became the first such ranking ever launched in golf history.



30.Dec.08   Mathias Schloelberg of Norway won the Orange Bowl Junior in FL by one over Stiggy Hodgson of England.


23.Dec.08  Gavin Dear of SCO won the Dixie Amateur in FL by 2 over Vaughn Snyder of OH.


18.Dec.08  Luke Bleumink of VIC beat Ryan McCarthy of TAS on the 39th in the final of the Victoria Amateur in AUS.  Korean Jin Jeong was Medalist & went out in the Quarters.


5.Dec.08  Luke Goddard of ENG beat Leandro Marelli of ARG 4&3 in the Argentina Am final.


5.Dec.08  Bryden Macpherson won the Dunes Medal in AUS by 3 over Nick Cullen.


3.Dec.08  Top 30 in world amateur Josh Younger of Australia turned pro.


30.Nov.08  Floris de Vries of the Netherlands won the Tailhade Cup in Argentina.


30.Nov.08  PG van Zyl birdied 1st playoff hole over Steve Ferreira to win National Teams in SA.


24.Nov.08  Patrick Winther of DEN pasted Brinson Paolini of VA 7&6 in the Polo Junior final.


24.Nov.08  Seung-su Han of Korea and Callum Macaulay of Scotland turned pro.


23.Nov.08  Steve Ferreira won the Central Gauteng Open Am by 1 over Nicol van Wyk.


18.Nov.08  Callum Macaulay of Scotland finished T20 to qualify for the European Tour.


16.Nov.08  SPWAR updated for collegiate D1 play through the Fall season.


15.Nov.08  Seung-su Han qualified for the PGA Tour Final Stage for the second straight year.


14.Nov.08  SPWAR updated for collegiate D2, D3 & NAIA play through the Fall season.


10.Nov.08  Top 10 in world Rohan Blizard and Matt Griffin both of Australia turned pro.


9.Nov.08  Top 25 in world players Johnny Caldwell of NIR & Tim Stewart of AUS turned pro.


6.Nov.08  Vasin Sripattranusorn of Thailand won the Singapore Open Amateur by 5 shots.


6.Nov.08  Jerry Hudgins of TX won the Dale Morey Senior by 2 over Ted Smith of IN.


2.Nov.08  Adrian Ford won the Eastern Provence Open Am in SA by 8 over Mark Fensham.


1.Nov.08  Bi-O Kim of Korea was Medalist at his PGA Tour Q-School Stage 1 site and the PGA Tour lists him as still an amateur.  Matt Marshall was T10 at his Stage 1 site.


19.Oct.08  Rickie Fowler of USA won the World Amateur Team by 2 over Nick Taylor of Canada and Callum Macauley of team champions Scotland.


6.Oct.08  Matt Jager of WA won the Federal Open Am in Australia by one over Victor Dubuisson of France.


5.Oct.08  Coenie Bester won the Ekurhuleni Open Am in RSA by 3 shots over two others.


5.Oct.08  Troy Ropiha won the Taranaki Open in New Zealand by 5 over a pro.


28.Sept.08  Matt Jager of AUS won the Jockey Club Rosario in ARG by 2 over Julian Etulain.


28.Sept.08  Michael Muehr of VA beat Brian Komline of NJ 4&2 in the final of the Crump Cup.


21.Sept.08  Walker Cup Captain, Buddy Marucci of PA got George Zahringer of NY 2up in the final of the US Senior Amateur.  It was Buddy’s first USGA win in 48 appearances.


21.Sept.08  Cristian Espinoza beat fellow Chilean Matias Dominguez the South American Am.


21.Sept.08  Medalist Nino Bertasio of beat fellow Italian Niccolo Quintarelli 1up in the final of the Italian International Amateur.


19.Sept.08  Matt Marshall of CA was Medalist in his PGA Tour pre-qualifier by 12 shots.


19.Sept.08  Johnny Calwell of Ireland was co-Medalist in his Euro Tour Stage 1 qualifier.


19.Sept.08  Luke Goddard of ENG won the Portugal Nations Cup by 1 over Reinier Saxton of NED.


14.Sept.08  Riaan de Bruyn won the Mpumalanga Open Am in RSA by 2 over PG van Zyl.


14.Sept.08  Gary Stal beat fellow Frenchman Jerome Lando-Casanova 4&3 in the final of the inaugural French Int’l Match Amateur.


11.Sept.08 Steve Wilson of MS beat Todd Mitchell of IL 5&4 in the final of the US Mid-Amateur with Mike McCoy of IA & Sean Knapp of PA making the Semi’s.


5.Sept.08  Jonny Caldwell & Paul Cutler went undefeated in leading IRL to Home Int’l team win.


5.Sept.08  Bi-o Kim won the Korean Amateur in a playoff over Meen-whee Kim.


5.Sept.08  Michael Raseta of NSW won 8 matches in Australian Interstate but VIC won team.


1.Sept.08  Matt Grush won the Cal State Fair by 3 shots over Steve Hale & Chris Johnson.


1.Sept.08  Cole Moreland won the weather shortened Labor Day Invitational in AL in a playoff over Glen Northcutt.


31.August.08  Evan Beck of VA won the Junior Players by 1 over Pontus Widegren of Sweden.


29.August.08  Gary Wolstenholme won the Westwood Trophy in England by one over Sam Haywood, then turned pro.


29.August.08  Keisuke Otawa won the Japan National Collegiate by 4 shots over Ryuichi Kondo.


24.August.08  Danny Lee of New Zealand solidified his position as the #1 amateur worldwide with a 5&4 final match victory in the US Amateur over Drew Kittleson of AZ.  Adam Mitchell of TN and Patrick Reed made the Semi’s while Medalist Rob Fillmore of UT made the 32’s.


24.August.08  John Longcake won the English Mid-Am by 1 over fellow Englishman John Kemp.


23.August.08  Stephan Gross of Germany won the European Amateur by one over Richard Kind of the Netherlands with Morten Madsen of Denmark & Luke Goddard of England 2 back.


22.August.08  Dave Bunker won the Canadian Mid-Amateur by 4 shots over Greg Koster.


22.August.08  Shugo Imahira won the Japan Junior by 4 shots over Kazuki Yasuda.


21.August.08  Charlie Blanchard won the Rhode Island Stroke Am by 3 over Garrett Medeiros.


17.August.08  Jonathan Marsico won the Colorado Stroke Am by 2 shots over Jacob Lestishen.


17.August.08  G-SPWAR #1 Danny Lee finished T21 in the PGA Tour’s Wyndham Championship.


17.August.08  Stephan Gross of Germany finished T2 on the Challenge Tour’s Vodafone Challenge.


17.August.08  Cameron Johnston won the Southern Cape Open Am in SA by one over Taymen Erasmus.


17.August.08  Espen Kofstad won the Norwegian Amateur by 5 shots over Christian Aronsen.


16.August.08  Anthony Paolucci won the PGA Junior Nat’l in a playoff over fellow Texan Jordan Spieth.


16.August.08  Pedro Figueiredo of Portugal nipped Fraser McKenna of GB&I on the 39th hole to win the British Boys Championship.


15.August.08  Matt Marshall beat Chris Marin 3&2 in the final of the Northern Cal Amateur.


14.August.08  Cam Burke won the Canadian Amateur by 4 over Scott Stiles & Eugene Wong.


14.August.08  Trey Bowling won the Kentucky State Open by 2 shots over a pro.


14.August.08  Zach Barlow won the Illinois State Amateur by 4 over Philip Arouca.


14.August.08  Matt Hoffenberg beat Josh Dupont 3&1 in the inaugural SCGA Match Am final.


13.August.08  Mike Van Sickle defended his title in the Pennsylvania State Open by one over Nathan Smith & Robert Galbreath.


12.August.08  Jimmy Chestnut won the Michigan Stroke Am by one over Brian Ottenweller.


10.August.08  Zack Sucher defended his title in the Cardinal Amateur by 3 over three others.


10.August.08  Lee Palms won the South Carolina State Amateur by one over two others.


10.August.08  Tommy McDonagh beat Joe Saladino 6&5 in the final of the Metropolitan Am.


10.August.08  Stephan Gross blew out the German Int’l Am by 10 shots over fellow German Sean Einhaus.


10.August.08  Tim Sluiter won the Dutch Stroke Am in a playoff over Darius van Driel.


9.August.08  Glenn Northcutt edged Talbert Griffin 1up in the final of the Alabama Match Am.


9.August.08  Adam Long of MO won the MAGA Amateur by one over Skip Berkmeyer of MO.


9.August.08  Kalle Samooja of Finland won the Finnish Open Am by 5 over L Goddard of ENG.


9.August.08  Chris Paisley of ENG won the Czech Open Am by 5 over Marek Novy of CZE.


8.August.08  Jordan Irwin of Canada won the Pacific Coast Am by 1 over Ryan Hallisey of CA.


8.August.08  Derek Rende won the Tennessee State Amateur in a playoff over Joe David.


8.August.08  Paul Simson of NC won another British Senior Am this time by 2 over C Reynolds.


7.August.08  Sam Matton of ENG won the weather shortened Parman Cup by 3 over three others.


6.August.08  Trent Whitekiller defended his title in the Oklahoma Stroke Am by 4 shots.


4.August.08  Dylan Frittelli of South Africa won the weather shortened Barrett Amateur in New Brunswick Canada by one over David Markle of Ontario.


3.August.08  Medalist Danny Lee of New Zealand beat Erik Flores of CA 4&2 in the final of the Western Amateur moving him to #1 in the G-SPWAR.  Victor Dubuisson of France & Conrad Shindler of TX made the Semi’s.


3.August.08  Danny Green of TN finished T37 and Low Amateur again in the US Senior Open.


3.August.08  Moritz Lampert of GER won the Swiss Int’l Am by 2 over Xavier Feyaerts of BEL.


2.August.08  Jin Song of Korea beat Doug Smith 4&3 in the final of the Arizona State Amateur.


2.August.08  Todd Adcock got Chris Paisley 2&1 in the final of the English Amateur with Medalist Jason Barnes falling in the 16s.


2.August.08  Callum Macaulay beat Steve McEwan 5&3 in the final of the Scottish Amateur.


2.August.08  Ben Westgate beat Ben Enoch 5&3 in the final of the Welsh Amateur.


31.July.08  Craig Cyr won the New Hampshire Stroke Am by 4 over Craig Steckowych.


30.July.08  Mike Oimoen won the Iowa State Amateur in a playoff with Michael Wuertz.


30.July.08  Mike Van Sickle won the Pennsylvania State Am by one over Nathan Smith.


30.July.08  Jeff Hedden won the Connecticut Open in a playoff over a pro.


30.July.08  Joe Emerich won the Illinois State Open by 2 shots over a pro.


30.July.08  Jorge Campillo won the Spanish Amateur by 5 shots over Borja Etchart.


29.July.08  Amory Davis won the Delaware Open by 5 shots over a pro.


27.July.08  Yu Katayama of Japan won the Minnesota State Open by 2 over Trent Peterson.


27.July.08  Wes McNulty beat Allen McFerran 5&4 in the final of the Arkansas Match Amateur.


27.July.08  Mark Anderson of SC won the Oglethorpe Invitational by 3 over Greg Kennedy of GA.


27.July.08  Sihwan Kim finished T6 in the Nationwide Tour’s Children’s Hospital Invitational.


27.July.08  Chris Woods reign as the world’s #1 amateur lasted 5 days as the Englishman announced his intention to turn pro yesterday.


27.July.08  Elrick van Eck won the Limpopo Open Am in South Africa by 3 over two others.


26.July.08  Adam Mitchell of TN won the Porter Cup by 3 shots over Zack Sucher of AL with Mike Van Sickle of PA finishing third another 2 back.


26.July.08  Cameron Peck of WA buzzed Evan Beck of VA 10&8 in the final of the US Junior.


25.July.08  Jayson Brueggemann won the Nebraska State Amateur by 2 over three others.


24.July.08  Matt Broome won the weather shortened New England Am by one over two others.


24.July.08  Luke Goddard won the South of England Am by one over fellow Englishmen Gary Wolstenholme & Chris Paisley.


24.July.08  Ben Bendtsen won the Wisconsin State Am in a playoff over Danny Zimmerman.


23.July.08  Trent Peterson won the Minnesota State Amateur in a playoff with 2 others.


20.July.08  Kevin Marsh won the Southern California Am by 2 shots over Tim Hogarth.


20.July.08  Chris Wood finished a rare T5 in the British Open to vault to #1 worldwide in the G-SPWAR.  Fellow Englishman, Tom Sherreard finished T19 for a G-SPWAR move to #38.


20.July.08  Cameron Bishop beat Pat Roth 4&3 in the final of the Kansas State Amateur.


19.July.08  Kyle Stanley of WA won the Southern Amateur again, this time in a playoff with Mike Van Sickle of PA and Jude Eustaquio of the Philippines.


19.July.08  Jack Newman of IA beat John Chin of CA 5&3 in the final of the US Public Links.


19.July.08  Jeff Wolniewicz beat Tom Muto 5&4 in the final of the New York State Amateur.


18.July.08  Eugene Wong of Canada won the Junior World by one over Daniel Nisbet of AUS.


18.July.08  Darren Lundgren won the Missouri Stroke Amateur by 3 shots over Josh Taylor.


18.July.08  Vaughn Snyder won the Ohio State Amateur by 2 shots over Blake Furgerson.


18.July.08  Cameron Peck of WA won the HP Junior by one shot over Chris Walker of TX.


18.July.08  John Hadges edged Daniel Parziale 1up in the final of the Massachusetts State Am.


17.July.08  Rhein Gibson of Australia got Andrew Green of Edmond 2&1 in the final of the Oklahoma State Am.


17.July.08  Dale Whitnell won the Tillman Trophy in England by 4 shot over Chris Paisley.


13.July.08  Mark Anderson of SC fired a final round 60 to capture the Players Amateur by 5 shots over Matt Jager of Australia.  Aussies M Griffin & J Younger of VIC tied for third.


13.July.08  Jude Eustaquio of the Philippines won the Eastern Am by 2 over Eric Onesi of DE.


13.July.08  Matt Hollinsead won the NorCal Stroke Amateur in a playoff with Rick Reinsberg.


13.July.08  Mike McCoy of IA beat Byron Shumate or AR 5&4 in the final of the Tran-Miss Mid.


13.July.08  Russell Henley, Harris English & David Noll finished 1,2 & 3 in the Georgia St Am.


13.July.08  Dan Horner got Devin Daniels on the 38th of the Utah State Amateur final.


13.July.08  Ben Kohles of NC beat Kyle Wilson of NC 3&2 in the final of the Carolinas Amateur.


13.July.08  Guillaume Cambis of France won the Chiberta Grand Prix by 9 over two others.


13.July.08  Scott Henry won the Sutherland Chalice in Scotland by one over Wallace Booth.


12.July.08  Jason Kang waxed fellow Californian Steve Hale 7&6 in the Pac NW Am final in ID.


12.July.08  Scott Langley won the MAGA Open near St Louis in a playoff with a pro.


12.July.08  John Fox edged Tim Jackson 1up in the Tennessee Match Amateur final.


12.July.08  Mark Stevens beat Ryan Friel 2&1 in the final of the New Hampshire State Amateur.


12.July.08  Bi-O Kim of Korea solidified his G-SPWAR top 10 position with a 7&6 win in the final of the Japan Amateur over Satoshi Kodaira.  Yuki Ito & Tomoya Tokunaga made Semi’s.


11.July.08  Luke Symons got Derek Tolan 2&1 in the final of the Colorado Match Amateur.


11.July.08  Dave Bunker won the Ontario Amateur by 4 shots over four tied for second.


11.July.08  Medalist David McAndrew buzzed DC Brad Valois 7&5 in the Rhode Is Am final.


8.July.08  Eric Onesi destroyed the Delaware State Amateur field by 13 shots to win a laugher.


8.July.08  Rohan Blizard of Australia, Chris Wood of England and Tom Sherreard of England qualified for the British Open.


5.July.08  It took 40 holes but Matt Savage of KY knocked off Medalist Jamie Lovemark of CA in the final of the North & South AmateurK OConnell & A Long made the Semi’s.


5.July.08  Matt Stauch won the Spirit of America by one shot over Matt Fast.


5.July.08  David Addison won the Cameron Corbett Vase in Scotland by 3 over Scott Henry.


5.July.08  Matt Griffin of Australia won the Rice Planters in SC by one over Mike Stern of FL.


5.July.08  Ireland successfully defended their title in the European Amateur Team Championship led by Gareth Shaw & Paul Cutler but Wallace Booth of Scotland was deemed the overall best finisher individually.


4.July.08  Trent Whitekiller of OK won the Sahalee Players in WA by 2 over Matt Giles of AUS.


2.July.08  Mike Ketcham beat JD Anderson 3&1 in the final of the Iowa Match Amateur.


30.June.08  Danny Lee of NZ just miss qualifying for British Open losing in a playoff at USA site.


30.June.08  G-SPWAR top 10’ers Michael Thompson of AZ and Kevin Chappell of CA along with Swed Jonas Blixt at #43 worldwide have turned professional.


29.June.08  Rohan Blizard of Australia won the East of Scotland Am in a playoff over Scots Craig Watson & Peter Latimer.


29.June.08  Tim Madigan won the New Mexico State Amateur by one over With and Word.


28.June.08  Jason Palmer won the Midland Open Am in ENG by 2 shots over Jamie Abbott.


28.June.08  Rory Hie of Indonesia (& CA) roared out of the pack with a final round 62 to win the Dogwood Inv by 3 shots over third round leader Jonathan Hodge of TN.


28.June.08  Bobby Massa beat fellow Texan Will Osborne 2&1 in the final of the Cotton States.


28.June.08  Brinson Paolini edged Roger Newson 1up in the final of the Virginia State Amateur.


27.June.08  Richard Lee won the Washington State Amateur by 5 shots over 3 others.


27.June.08  Chris Baker won his final event as an amateur taking the Indiana State Am by 7.


27.June.08  Will Strickler defended his Connecticut State Am title with a 8&6 win over E Beirne.


27.June.08  Jonas Blixt of Sweden went untied & undefeated in 4 matches to lead Europe over the USA in the Palmer Cup with Derek Fathauer the top USA performer.


24.June.08  Kevin Foley of NJ won the Metropolitan Stroke Am by one over Morgan Hoffmann.


24.June.08  Nathan Smith defended his Western Penn Am title by 5 shots over two others.


22.June.08  Justin Bardgett hammered Skip Berkmeyer 8&6 in the final of the Missouri St Am.


22.June.08  Judson Eustaquio won the Florida State Amateur by 6 shots over Gary Morrison.


22.June.08  Farren Keenan of England won The Berkshire by 2 over J Shepherd & J Bartlett.


21.June.08  Brendan Gielow of MI won the Northeast Amateur by 3 over Nathan Smith of PA with Billy Horschel of Florida finishing third 6 shots out.


21.June.08  Andrew Landry of TX won the Palmetto Amateur by 5 over Zack Sucher of AL.


21.June.08  Dutchman Reinier Saxton beat Englishman Tommy Fleetwood in the final 3&2 to win the British AmateurJoe Vickery of Wales & Andrew Sullivan of England made the Semi’s with Medalist Sam Hutsby of England going out in the first match round.


21.June.08  Jordan Irwin of Alberta won the Glencoe Invitational by 4 shots over Hill & Rowe.


21.June.08  Alex Ching of Honolulu buzzed Jon Ota of Kauai to win the Hawaii Match Amateur.


21.June.08  Nick Delio of Valencia buzzed 15 yr old Austin Roberts in the final of the Cal St Am.


21.June.08  Blake Seabaugh edged Tim Sundseth 1up in the final of the Oregon State Am.


21.June.08  Jimmy Chestnut beat Steve Cuzzort 4&2 in the final of the Michigan State Am.


21.June.08  Liam MacNamara of IRL won the European Int’l Senior Am by 3 over Lane of ENG.


21.June.08  Bud Cauley of FL & Anders Kristiansen of Norway tied for the Junior World Cup.


20.June.08  Cory Whitsett of TX won the Western Junior by 4 over McCumber & Vogel of FL.


19.June.08  Brady Exber finally won another Nevada State Amateur 17 years after the last.


15.June.08  Michael Thompson of Arizona finished the US Open as the Low Amateur at T29 while Rickie Fowler of California finished T60 with Derek Fathauer of Florida at T69.


15.June.08  Mitch Krywulycz of Australia won the Southeastern Am by 5 shots over 2 others.


15.June.08  Wes McNulty won the Arkansas State Amateur by 3 shots over Will Little.


15.June.08  Jack Fields edged Zack Byrd by a shot in the North Carolina State Amateur.


15.June.08  Tripp McAllister edged Brent Roof 1up in the final of the South Carolina Match Am.


14.June.08  Phillip Mollica of SC won another Monroe Invitational & this one by 6 shots.


13.June.08  Matt Hoffenberg of CA won the Southwestern Am by one over Jes Barnley of NM.


13.June.08  Cameron Peck won the Footjoy Boys Invitational by six shots over two others.


12.June.08  Dustin Schwab beat Ben Bendtsen 3&2 in the final of the Wisconsin Match Am.


12.June.08  Tyler Sharpe won the Kentucky State Amateur by one shot over Rick Cockran.


12.June.08  David Byrne beat Brad Larente 3&2 in the final of the Ontario Match Amateur.


11.June.08  Paul O’Hanlon got Dara Lernihan on the 20th hole of the Irish Amateur final match.


8.June.08  Rickie Fowler defended his title in the Sunnehanna Amateur by 5 shots over Dan Woltman of WI and by 6 over mid-am Nathan Smith of PA.  Fowler’s win moves him to #1 in the G-SPWAR.


8.June.08  Keir McNicoll of Scotland won the St Andrews Links Trophy by a shot over fellow countrymen Michael Stewart, Sam Hutsby of England & Rudy Thuillier of France.


8.June.08  Kelly Kraft won the Texas State Am by 2 shots over John Peterson.


8.June.08  Will Wilcox won the Alabama State Amateur by a shot over Cole Willis.


8.June.08  Trey Denton won the Mississippi State Am by 4 shots over Jon Randolph.


8.June.08  Jarrod Barsamian won the Louisiana State Am by one shot over Bo Stewart.


8.June.08  Michael Mulieri beat Steven Delmar in the final of the Maryland State Am 4&2.


7.June.08  Michael Flindt of Denmark won the European Mid-Am by 3 over Rosenkvist of SWE.


7.June.08  Carlos Pigem of Spain won the Canarias Amateur by 3 shot over three others.


5.June.08  Tom Gramigna won the New Jersey State Amateur by 3 shot over Mike Hyland.


3.June.08  SPWAR #1 Webb Simpson has concluded a legendary amateur career turning pro. Also turning pro are SPWAR top 100’s Rob Grube of IL and Joel Sjoholm of Sweden.


2.June.08  Jeff Wilson of CA, Jordan Cox of CA, Kyle Stanley of WA, Kevin Tway of OK, Derek Fathauer of FL, Jimmy Henderson of OH, Michael Quagliano of NY and Nick Taylor of Canada qualified for the US Open at Torrey Pines.


1.June.08  Tim Jackson of TN won his third straight Birmingham Nat’l by 3 shots over 3 others.


1.June.08  Floris de Vries won the Dutch National Open by 5 over amateur Reinier Saxton.


1.June.08  Wallace Booth won the weather shortened Scottish Open Am by 4 shots.


1.June.08  David Antonelli won his country’s French Open Am by 5 over F Colombo of Italy.


31.May.08  Kevin Chappell of Fresno CA capped a great college career with a 3 shot victory in the D1 Nationals as both an individual as as a member of team Champion UCLA.  Jorge Campillo of Spain & Indiana U tied with Nick Taylor of Canada & U of Washington for 2nd.


30.May.08  Andrew Robb won the Canadian National Collegiate by 2 shots over M Gingras.


28.May.08  Dengshan Koh Singapore got Dante Becierra of the Philippines 2&1 in the final of the Malaysian Open Amateur.


26.May.08  Chris Polski won the Memorial Amateur in Sacramento by 2 over Derek Ernst.


26.May.08  Hyun Seok Lim of CA won the Thunderbird Junior by 1 over G Main & W Kropp.


25.May.08  Chris Wood of England won the Welsh Open Amateur by 6 shots over Sam Hutsby.


25.May.08  Doug Hanzel of GA won the Lupton Inv in a playoff over Steve White of WY.


25.May.08  Gary King of England won the Scandia Junior Open (U22) in Sweden by 6 shots.


25.May.08  Stanislas Gautier beat Raphael Marguery on the 38th hole to win the French Am.


22.May.08  Cody Hale won the Tennessee State Open by 3 shots w/ Danny Green finishing T3.


21.May.08  Derek Berg lost a playoff to finish second in the Washington State Open.


21.May.08  Walker Cupper, Daniel Willett of England and #8 in the G-SPWAR has turned pro.


18.May.08  Tim Hogarth wins again; this time in defending the Pasadena City.


18.May.08  Steven Uzzel of England won the weather shortened Brabazon Trophy by 4 shots.


17.May.08  Joey Benedetti of U of Oregon was Medalist in the NCAA D1 West Regional.


17.May.08  Russell Henley & Zach Sucher were co-Medalists in the NCAA D1 East Regional.


17.May.08  Kevin Tway of OSU was Medalist in the NCAA D1 Central Regional.


17.May.08  Jeff Goff beat Jude Eustaquio in a playoff for Medalist at the NCAA D2 Nationals.


16.May.08  Scott Harris won the NCAA D3 National by 5 shots playing for St John Fisher.


16.May.08  Sam Cyr of Hawaii won the NAIA National by 5 shots playing for Pt Loma Nazarene.


16.May.08  Matt Griffin of VIC won the Keperra Bowl in Australia by a shot over Ray Beaufils of QLD and Ryan McCarthy of TAS.


15.May.08  Andy Cooper of TX won Carlton Woods Inv in a playoff over Rob McWilliams of LA.


14.May.08  The largest single input annually in the G-SPWAR went in today with the 07/08 D1 season in it’s entirety before the D1 Regionals.  This also halved 06/07 points with 05/06 points vanishing affecting over 350 players.


13.May.08  The G-SPWAR has been updated for D2, D3 & NAIA 07/08 collegiate season.


11.May.08  Woodie Eubanks won the Greystone Invitational in AL by 1 shot over Bud Cauley of FL & Paul Haley of TX.


11.May.08  Junior Pedro Figueiredo of Portugal won the Irish Open Amateur by 7 shots.


10.May.08  Carlos Pigem beat Jordi Garcia in a playoff for the Andalucia Cup in Spain.


09.May.08  Khrongpa Thanyakorn of Thailand won the Asia-Pacific Junior by 2 shots.


09.May.08  Jared Consoli took out Do Eun An 3&2 in the final of the Queensland Amateur for his biggest finish ever.


07.May.08  Dewald Smit and Dylan Frittelli both roared out of the pack with final round 63’s to blitz the Boland Open Am field in South Africa finishing 1 & 2 respectively.


04.May.08  Matthew Haines of ENG won the Lytham Trophy by 1 over Dale Whitnell of ENG with Shane Lowry of Ireland finishing third.


04.May.08  Daniel Willett of England finished T10 in the European Tour’s Spanish Open moving him to #8 in the SPWAR.


04.May.08  Bi-o Kim of Korea finished T3 in the Asian Tour’s Maekyung Open (T4 last year).


03.May.08  Alvaro Ortiz of Costa Rica won the Lima Int’l by 1 over Tomas Cocha of Argentina.


03.May.08  Justin Turner beat Aaron Russell 3&2 in the final of the Western Province Open Am in South Africa.  Medalist Cameron Johnston went out in the Quarters.


02.May.08  Brett Rankin was Medalist in the Queensland Amateur by 7 shots.


30.Apr.08  Today concluded the major collegiate conference championships in the USA with:

Creighton Honeck of Arizona winning the PAC 10 (72 holes)

Rickie Fowler of Oklahoma State winning the Big 12 (72 holes)

Michael Thompson of Alabama winning the SEC (54 holes)

Webb Simpson of Wake Forest winning the ACC (54 holes)

Jorge Campillo of Indiana winning the Big 10 (72 holes)

Each of these Champions get a diminutive but special bonus level of SPWAR points as the bulk of their performance is reflected in the collegiate rankings inputted into the SPWAR with the next & final 07/08 "in-season" collegiate ranking update going into the SPWAR right before the Regionals for D1 players.


29.Apr.08  Thomas Spearman-Burn got Kevin Smith 4&2 in the final of the New Zealand Am.


27.Apr.08  Michael Jensen (Cal redshirt) won the Commuters in CA by 3 shots over 2 others.


27.Apr.08  Romain Wattel of France won the Frayssineau-Mouchy Cup in France by one shot.


27.Apr.08  Europe easily retained the title in the biannual Sir Bonallack matches (pitting the top Asia-Pacific amateurs against Europe’s best) primarily of the backs of their two Sweds, Joel Sjoholm & Bjorn Akesson who both went untied & undefeated over 9 matches.


27.Apr.08 Andrew Cooley of ENG won the West of England Am by a shot over Ryan Newman.


27.Apr.08 Mu Hu of China attending school in the USA finished T35 in the Euro Tour Asian Open.


26.Apr.08 David Abell won the Coleman Invitational in Florida in a playoff over Roger Hoit.


20.Apr.08 Jeff Wilson won the Southern Cal Mid-Am by a shot over Kevin Marsh of Nevada.


20.Apr.08 Bud Cauley of FL won the Terra Cotta Invitational in Florida by 2 shots over 2 others.


20.Apr.08 Stiggy Hodgson won the Hampshire Salver (England) in a playoff over Luke Goddard.


20.Apr.08 Andres Kristiansen, a junior from Norway, hammered Aussie National Squader from WA, Michael Foster 7&6 in the final of the Australian Amateur.  Dale Whitnell of England and Danny Lee of New Zealand made the Semi’s.


19.Apr.08 Chan Kim won the Arizona Stroke Amateur by 5 shots over Chris Kessler.


17.Apr.08 Japan’s top amateur at #68 in the SPWAR, Yuta Ikeda has turned professional.


17.Apr.08 Daniel Willettt of England was Medalist in the Australian Amateur by a shot over mid-am Grant Scott of NSW and Josh Younger of VIC.  With the World Am to be played on the same course in October, the field was almost doubled to about 280 with this event run concurrent with the SAGA Invitational at Royal Adelaide.


13.Apr.08 Nigel Edwards successfully defended his title in the Duncan Putter by 7 shots.


13.Apr.08 Craig Elliott edged Gavin Dear by a shot to win the weather shortened Craigmillar Park Open Am in Scotland.


13.Apr.08 Cameron Johnston won the Cape Province Open Am by 2 shots over Johan deBeer.


11.Apr.08 No amateurs made the cut at the Masters so no SPWAR points awarded in that event.


11.Apr.08 Medalist Michael Foster went on to defeat Jason Scrivener 2&1 in the final match of the Western Australia Amateur.


06.Apr.08 Paul Betty won the snow shortened Scottish Champ of Champs.


06.Apr.08 Nino Bertasio won the Italian Match Amateur final 5&4 over Francesco Bonaga.


05.Apr.08 Shane Lowry of Ireland prevailed over Ben Hebert of France on the fifth extra hole for Medalist honors in the European Nations in Spain.


04.Apr.08 Dylan Frittelli won the South Africa Junior Stroke after prevailing in a 3 way playoff.


30.Mar.08 Victor Dubuisson of France roared from behind to win the Mexican Int’l Amateur by one over Mauricio Azcue of MEX.


30.Mar.08 Zack Sucher of AL beat defending Champion, Webb Simpson of NC by 2 shots to win the Azalea Amateur in South Carolina.  Simpson’s finish moves him to #1 in the SPWAR.


30.Mar.08 Derik Ferreira edged Dewald Smit by one to win the North West Stroke Am in SA.


30.Mar.08 Divan du Piesanie won the EP & Border Open Am in South Africa by a shot.


30.Mar.08 Daniel Willett finished T19 in the European Tour’s MAPFRE Open de Andalucia.


29.Mar.08 Jared Pender won the South Island Amateur in NZ by 3 shots over Nick Gillespie.


28.Mar.08 Dan Nisbet of QLD won the Australian Junior by 3 shots over Aiden Bae of WA.


26.Mar.08 Shane Lowry won the West of Ireland Amateur final 2&1 over Desmond Morgan.


24.Mar.08 Sebastian Schwind of Germany won the French Int’l Junior final match over Erwan Vieilledent of France.


24.Mar.08 Matt Griffin of VIC won the Mandurah Easter Amateur in Western Australia by one over Matt Jager of WA.


23.Mar.08 Pedro Figueiredo of Portugal finished T27 in the Euro Tour’s Madeira Islands Open.


23.Mar.08 Danny Lee wins again this time the North Island Am in New Zealand by 7 shots.


19.Mar.08 Sam Hutsby won the South of England Youth (U21) by one over Darren Wright.


19.Mar.08 Borja Etchart won the Spanish Junior (U21) by one over Jordi Garcia who was the low finisher among those under age 18.


18.Mar.08 Billy Horschel has moved into the #1 spot in the SPWAR after updating the for the 07/08 USA collegiate season through March 18.  Virtually tied with Horschel just 2 points behind is 07 World Amateur of the Year, Jamie Lovemark bumping Webb Simpson to the #3 spot.


16.Mar.08 Travis Toyama won the Hawaii State Amateur by 8 shots over 2 others.


16.Mar.08 Peter Uihlein is back in the winner’s circle with a 5 shot victory in the Florida Azalea.


16.Mar.08 Webb Simpson of North Carolina & Wake Forest Univ has moved from #4 in the SPWAR up to #2 with a T31 finish in the PGA Tour’s Arnold Palmer Invitational.


16.Mar.08 Alvaro J Arizabaleta of Colombia won the South American Junior Team Medalist title by 2 shots over Tomas Cocha of Argentina.


14.Mar.08 Derik Ferreira edged Yubin Jung 1up in the final match of the Northern Open Am in South Africa.  Coenie Bester and Johan Du Duisson made the semi’s.  Ryan Clarke beat Dylan Frittelli in a playoff after stroke play for Medalist honors.


10.Mar.08 Scott Arnold of NSW prevailed over Kieran Pratt of VIC in a playoff for the Riversdale CupRhys McGovern and Brendan Smith of NSW tied for third.


09.Mar.08 Martin Trainer got Randy Haag 2up in the final match of the San Francisco City.


09.Mar.08 Tim Duffey won the Arizona PubLinks by one shot over David McDaniel.


09.Mar.08 Sean Riordan won the SBS Invitational in New Zealand by 2 over Daniel Pearce.


07.Mar.08 Jacques Blaauw of SA defeated Nigel Edwards of Wales 6&5 in the finals of the South African AmateurCameron Johnston & Michael Palmer of SA made the semi’s.


02.Mar.08 Walker Cupper, Daniel Willett won the Spanish Int’l Amateur with a 5&3 final match victory over Jordi Garcia P of ESP. E Pepperell of ENG & J Lopez of FRA made semi’s.


02.Mar.08 Chris Austin successfully defended his title in the South Australia Amateur with a 2up final match victory over stroke play Medalist, Stephen Speirs.


01.Mar.08 J  Hossain Mullah won the Bangladesh Amateur by 2 shots over Md Shohel.


24.Feb.08 Pedro Figueiredo of Portugal won his home country’s International Amateur by 2 shots over Eduard Dubois of France with Dale Whitnell of England in third.


24.Feb.08 Tim Stewart of NSW is back in the winner’s circle with 4 shot victory in the rain shortened Tasmanian Open over Luke Young of the host state.


18.Feb.08 Cody Gribble won the AJGA Houston Boys Inv by 2 shots over Morgan Hoffmann.


17.Feb.08 Jacques Blaauw won again this time in the Free State & Northern Cape Open Am in South Africa by 2 shots over Michael Palmer.


16.Feb.08 Emiliano Grillo won the Argentina Stroke Amateur by 5 shots over 2 others.


16.Feb.08 Alvaro Ortiz of Costa Rica won another Central American Am this time by 5 shots over countryman, Paulo Montoya.


10.Feb.08 Bradley Shigezawa of Hawaii was low amateur & T6 in the Pearl Open.


10.Feb.08 Michael Raseta prevailed over Tim Hart 3&2 in the final of the New South Wales Amateur.  Medalist Rohan Blizard went out in the round of 16.


8.Feb.08 Jacques Blaauw won the inaugural South African Stroke Play Championship by one over fellow South Africa LeonBrink Knoll and by 2 over Victor Dubuisson of France.


03.Feb.08 Ryan Clarke won the Gauteng North Open Am in South Africa by 5 shots over PG van Zyl and last week’s winner, Dean O’Riley.


1.Feb.08 Rufino Bayron won the Philippines Open Am picking up the title his pro brother Jay won last year with Rufino finishing second.


29.Jan.08 Jhared Hack of Florida, the 07 Western Am Champ, SPWAR #53 & Freshman at UCF, has turned pro signing with Vantage Sports Management.


27.Jan.08 Jamie Lovemark, the SPWAR #1 and 07 World Amateur of the Year, is now 4 for 4 in PGA Tour events played and PGA Tour event cuts made although in this year’s Buick Invitational his T60 finish got no points.


27.Jan.08 Junior Dean O’Riley won the KwaZulu Natal Open Am in South Africa by 3 shots over 5 others tied for second.


27.Jan.08 Danny Lee of New Zealand blitzed the Lake Macquarie Amateur field by 10 shots and tied the tournament record in this worldwide major amateur championship.  He moves up to the #5 amateur worldwide at age 17 and the #1 ranked junior.


24.Jan.08 Alex Tiong cruised to a 4 shot victory in the Kuala Lumpur Am Open in Malaysia.


23.Jan.08 Johan Du Buisson beat Nicol van Wyk in a playoff for the title at the Prince Grant Am in South Africa.


20.Jan.08 Rahul Bakshi became the youngest winner of the All India Amateur at age 17 by pounding fellow Indian Abhishek Jha 8&7 in the final match.  Rahul won the All India Junior less than a month ago.


17.Jan.08 Toby Wilcox won the Master of the Amateurs in Australia by 2 over Josh Younger.


17.Jan.08 Jason Perry won the Australian Mid-Amateur by a shot over two others.


11.Jan.08 Amanjyot Singh won the inaugural Rambagh Amateur by 4 shots.


11.Jan.08 Junior sensation, Ryo Ishikawa of Japan turned pro at age 16.


10.Jan.08 Junior Ben Campbell nipped Danny Lee‘s bid for a 3-peat in the NZ U23 by one.


6.Jan.08 Danny Lee was Medalist by 8 shots in the New Zealand U23 Team Championship.


6.Jan.08 Bryce Ledford edged Bud Cauley by a shot for the New Years Invitational victory.


5.Jan.08 David Lingmerth of Sweden beat Stephan Gross of Germany in a playoff for the Dixie Amateur title.

28.Dec.07 Sean Einhaus of Germany beat Peter Uihlein in a playoff for the Junior Orange Bowl.


28.Dec.07 Rahul Bakshi won the All India Junior by four shots over Rashid Khan.


23.Dec.07 Mithun Perara of Sri Lanka beat Gagan Verma of India in the final of the Eastern India Amateur.


23.Dec.07 Leighton Lyle took out Kieran Pratt 2&1 in the final of the Victoria Amateur in AUS.


21.Dec.07 Top 60 in SPWAR, Rudi Bezuidenhout of Australia qualified for the Australasia Tour so out of SPWAR as a pro.  In Sunshine Tour qualifying in South Africa, top SPWAR players Oliver Bekker, Louis Moolman, Attie Schwartzel, Tyrone Ferreira, Wynand Dingle, PH McIntyre, Louis de Jager and Englishman Steve Lewton all qualified as tour pros as did Prinavan Nelson via a win on a developmental tour.


15.Dec.07 SPWAR top 60 players Seung-yul Noh of Korea and Jay Bayron of the Philippines turned pro as Noh qualified for the Asian Tour.


14.Dec.07 Junior Rashid Khan of India won the Faldo Series Final in China by 5 shots over 2 others.


13.Dec.07 Bill Zylstra of Michigan won the Bogart Inv Senior by one over Rick Woulfe of FL.


13.Dec.07 Pipatpong Naewsuk of Thailand won the SEA Games by 1 over countryman Kirad Aphibarmrat with Akhmal Nazari of Malaysia finishing 3rd.


07.Dec.07 Peter SpearmanBurn of Wellington earned top individual points in the New Zealand Interprovincial with Jared Pender of Bay of Plenty designated second in his team’s win.


07.Dec.07 Aussie Jake Younan-Wise won the Asia-Pacific Amateur by 3 over Yuki Usami of Japan.


06.Dec.07 Leighton Lyle of VIC won the Dunes Medal in Australia by one over Jason Scrivener of WA.


30.Nov.07 Quency Quek of Singapore won the Putra Cup held in the Philippines in a playoff over Kirad Aphibarnrat of Thailand.


29.Nov.07 SPWAR top 50 Frenchmen, Adrien Bernadet and Romain Bechu have turned professional.


25.Nov.07 Rohan Blizard won the Tailhade Cup in Argentina by 5 over fellow Aussie, Justin Roach.


25.Nov.07 Louis Moolman won the National Teams in South Africa by 3 over Attie Schwartzel.


23.Nov.07 The US collegiate D1 fall season was inputted into the SPWAR today.


23.Nov.07 Bjorn Akesson of Sweden beat Sean Dale of Florida in the final of the Polo Junior Classic.


20.Nov.07 Tommy Manotoc of the Philippines won the Asia-Pacific Senior Am by 6 shots over 3 others.


20.Nov.07 Gary Boyd qualified for the Challenge Tour as an amateur with fellow Englishman Ben Evans who turned pro during Euro Tour Final Stage qualifying.


18.Nov.07 Ryan Clarke won the Central Gauteng Open Stroke Am by 5 over 2 Bekkers.


18.Nov.07 Japan Tour winner & junior sensation, Ryo Ishikawa made another cut on the Japan Tour finishing T34 in the Dunlap Phoenix.


17.Nov.07 Several major amateur events had their SPWAR points adjusted today after reviewing the number of top players in such fields for 2007.


17.Nov.07 Seung-Su Han of Korea & UNLV was the only amateur to make it to PGA Tour Final Stage.


17.Nov.07 Emiliano Grillo of Argentina & Tyrone Ferreira of South Africa were deemed tied for best individual play in the Southern Cross won by host Argentina.


16.Nov.07 Shahid Khan of Bangladesh won the Sri Lanka Int’l Amateur by a shot over two others.


16.Nov.07 Nick Ushijima won the Japan Mid-Amateur by 4 shots over two others.


11.Nov.07 The SPWAR has been updated for US collegiate D2, D3 & NAIA fall season performance.


11.Nov.07 Oliver Bekker won the Cape Province Stroke Am in SA by one over Divan de Piesanie.


11.Nov.07 Rudi  Bezuidenhout of NSW finished T4 and Low Am in the New South Wales Open.


10.Nov.07 Amateurs Adrien Bernadet of France (2nd), Gary Boyd of England (2nd), Steven Uzzell of England (T2), Peter OKeeffe of Ireland (T6), Romain Bechu of France (T13) and Ben Evans of England (T16) made it out of one of 4 Euro Tour Stage 2 Qualifying sites into the Final Stage.


04.Nov.07 Tyrone Ferreira blitzed the Eastern Province Open Am in South Africa by 11 shots.


03.Nov.07 Romain Schneider of France won the European Club by 5 shots over Jaka Vidmar of Slovenia.


31.Oct.07 PH McIntyre of SA won the All Africa Team event by 8 shots over Greg Snow of Kenya.


28.Oct.07 M Shahid Khan of Bangladesh won the Pakistan Amateur by 1 over countryman Sohel.


27.Oct.07 Eduardo Trevino won the Mexican Interclub by 2 shots over Enrique Llaguno.


27.Oct.07 England won the men’s portion of the Spirit International in Texas lead by Walker Cupper Daniel Willett‘s 17 birdies & an eagle along with teammate Gary Boyd‘s 16 birdies.  Jason Scrivener of Australia had 18 birdies while Bio Kim of Korea had 16 tweets & an eagle.


27.Oct.07 Bolivia on home turf produced a stunning victory in the Copa Los Andes (South American Team Championship) over favorite Argentina led by Daniel & Marcelo Patino.  Colombia was second.


27.Oct.07 Dante Becierra of the Philippines won the Hong Kong Open Am by 3 shots over Ed Richardson of England.


26.Oct.07 Tim Stewart of Australia won the Singapore Open Amateur by 4 shots over Kirad Aphibarnrat of Thailand and by 6 shots over Rufino Bayron of the Philippines.


21.Oct.07 Danny Evelyn of Florida won the St Augustine Amateur by 2 over Patrick Reed of Louisiana.


18.Oct.07 Aussie Rick Kulacz, SPWAR #5 & the reining SPC Champion, turned professional.


14.Oct.07 Craig Doell of British Columbia beat Pat Tallent of Virginia in a playoff for the Stocker Cup.


11.Oct.07 Ben Evans defended his Faldo Series Final title in England by 2 over fellow Englishman, Ryan Evans.


10.Oct.07 SPWAR top 10 player & 4 year Aussie National Squader Andrew Dodt has turned professional.


07.Oct.07 Michael Muehr of VA won the Mid-Atlantic Amateur by 3 shots over Vance Welsh of MD.


07.Oct.07 Esteban Martinez of ARG won the Jockey Club Rosario in Argentina by 2 shots over Matt Griffin of the Aussie National Squad.  Australia won the 2-man team title by 2 over the host team.


07.Oct.07 Adrian Schwartzel won the Ekurhuleni Open Am in South Africa by 2 over Tyron Ferreira.


05.Oct.07 Andrew Dodt won the individual title at the Nomura Cup this year in Taiwan by 3 shots over fellow Aussie, Rohan BlizardJames Gill of NZ, Ming-Chuan Chen of TPE & Kiradech Aphibarnrat of THA tied for third another 2 shots back.  Australia won the fifth straight team title.


04.Oct.07 Trip Kuehne of Texas hammered Dan Whitaker of WA 9&7 in the final of the US Mid-AmateurScott Hardy of CA repeated as a Semi-finalist with 05 Champ, Kevin Marsh.  Trip was also Co-Medalist along with Steve Sear of NV who made the Quarters.


01.Oct.07 Daniel Beckmann of VIC won the Federal Open Amateur in Australia by 4 shots over Dale Whitnell of England.


30.Sept.07 Bjorn Akesson of Sweden finished second in the TourGolf Open in Sweden.


30.Sept.07 Pedro Figueiredo won the Portuguese Amateur by 6 shots over Manuel Violas.


28.Sept.07 All 07 & 06 regional GA amateur championship results in Japan were inputted today.


24.Sept.07 Colt Knost, #4 in the SPWAR yesterday, turned pro.


23.Sept.07 Jonathan Mathias of TX defended his title in the Harvey Penick Invitational in Texas.


23.Sept.07 Junior Andrew Yun won the Arizona Stroke Amateur over Bryan Hoops & Michael Knight.


23.Sept.07 Andrew Cooley of beat fellow Englishman Ed Richardson 5&4 in the final of the Italian Open Amateur.


21.Sept.07 Grant Scott lead the charge at the Australian Interstate for NSW as the only player without a match loss in nine rounds & won every singles match.  Teammates Tim Stewart & Richie Gallichan each had 8/1/1 match records as NSW defended their title.


20.Sept.07 Alan Bratton of Oklahoma was medalist in the USGA State Team Championship edging Trip Kuehne of Texas and Mark Strickland of Georgia by 2 shots.  Texas defended the team title.


19.Sept.07 The USA collegiate fall season is underway.  The entire collegiate schedule, all events in all divisions, will now be incorporated into the world ranking 3 times per year.  Once on Dec 1, then again on April 1 and finally around mid-May.  The Nationals in all divisions as well as the Regionals in Div 1 are separate included events.


16.Sept.07 Mike McCoy of Iowa beat Eoghan OConnell of Florida 4&3 in the final of the Crump Cup.   Chip Lutz of Pennsylvania and Scott Rowe of Illinois were Co-Medalists.


16.Sept.07 Terrence Miskell won the Texas Mid-Am Stroke by 2 shots over Alan Hill.


16.Sept.07 Danny Lee tied for second behind pro Doug Holloway in the Wairalei Open in New Zealand.


16.Sept.07 Anthony Fernando pounded Mario Labajo 8&7 in the final of the Philippines Amateur.


14.Sept.07 Sandy Harper of British Columbia beat Erik Hanson by two to win the Pac Northwest Mid-Am.


10.Sept.07 Top 100 SPWAR players known to be turning professional no later than weeks end are: Dustin Johnson, Chris Kirk, Rory McIlroy, David Horsey, Lloyd Saltman, Rhys Davies, Jamie Moul, Jonathan Moore, Llewellyn Matthews, Alex Prugh, Jason Kokrak & Aaron Pike.


09.Sept.07 The USA edged GB&I 12.5 to 11.5 in the Walker Cup in Ireland led by Jamie Lovemark who was the only player untied & undefeated from either team.  GB&I’s top player was David Horsey of England with a 3/0/1 W/H/L match record.


09.Sept.07 James Gill of New Zealand won the Turkish Amateur in a playoff over Hamza Sayin of Turkey.


09.Sept.07 Callum Macauley won the Newlands Amateur in Scotland by 4 shots over Scott Borrowman.


09.Sept.07 Tyrone Ferreira won the Mpumalanga Am in South Africa by 3 shots over PH McIntyre.


07.Sept.07 Yong-soo Kim won the Korean Amateur by 3 shots over a trio of others.


06.Sept.07 Stanford Lee or Arkansas beat Sam Farlow of Alabama 4&3 in the final of the US Senior Am.


03.Sept.07 Brandon Harkins won the California State Fair by one over Matt Hollinsead.


03.Sept.07 Steven Groover won the Labor Day Invitational in a playoff over Garrett Osborn.


03.Sept.07 Shane Lowry of Ireland won the inaugural Portugeuse Nations Cup individual title by one over 07 European Am Champ, Ben Hebert of France.


02.Sept.07 Callum Macauley won the Southeast District Open Am in Scotland in a playoff over Glenn Campbell.


02.Sept.07 Oliver Bekker won the Southern Cape Open Am in South Africa by one shot over Ruan Botha.


31.Aug.07 Greg Blainey won the Westwood Trophy in England by 3 shots over Steve Uzzell.


26.Aug.07 Colt Knost of Texas won the US Amateur 2&1 over Michael Thompson of Tucson AZ to complete a rare "double" of USGA wins in one year after capturing the US PubLinks last month.  Jhonattan Vegas of Venezuela and Casey Clendenon of Katy TX made the semi’s.  Derek Fathauer of FL, Eddie Olson of CA, Cheng Tsung Pan of Taiwan & Nick Taylor of Canada made the quarters for 08 qualifying exemptions.


26.Aug.07 Michael Buchan won the North of Scotland Amateur by 2 shots over Robert Carson.


25.Aug.07 Benjamin Hebert of France won a 3 hole playoff with Joel Sjoholm of Sweden to win the European Amateur in Germany.  Daniel Willett, Gary Boyd and Ben Evans all of England along with Floris de Vries of the Netherlands tied for third.


24.Aug.07 Chris Wasylowich successfully defended his Canadian Mid-Am title by 1 over Dave Bunker.


24.Aug.07 Yohei Nakamichi won the Japan National Collegiate by one over Ippei Koike.


23.Aug.07 Jason Pannone defended his title in the Rhode Island Stroke Amateur.


21.Aug.07 Jason Kokrak of Ohio was Medalist in US Amateur one shot ahead of Alex Prugh of Washington State & David Merlow of Wisconsin.


19.Aug.07 Matthew Cryer of England won the British Mid-Am 5&4 over senior Paul Simson of the US.


18.Aug.07 Nathan Tyler buzzed Ken Kellaney 7&5 in the final of the Arizona State Amateur.


18.Aug.07 Emilio Cuartero of Spain edged Scotland’s Frasier Fotheringham of 1up in the British Boys final.


17.Aug.07 Nick Taylor went to the 38th hole with Michael Knight to win the Canadian Amateur.


17.Aug.07 Ryan Hallisey beat Jeremy Gearhart on the 39th hole to claim the NCGA Am title.


16.Aug.07 Ryo Ishikawa won the Japan Junior by 3 shots over Tomoharu Otsuki.


16.Aug.07 Ravi Patel won the Illinois State Am by 3 over Blake Johnson & John Ehrgott.


16.Aug.07 Bobby Hudson won the Tennessee State Amateur by one shot over Brent Long.


16.Aug.07 Rick Kulacz of Western Australia won the Scratch Players Championship by one over Mu Hu of FL & China.  Rob Grube of IL and Chadd Cocco of OR tied for third.


15.Aug.07 Dustin Hall nipped Adam Tebbs by a shot in the Nevada State Amateur.


12.Aug.07 Brooks Newsom won the Oregon Stroke Amateur in a playoff over Paul Peterson.


12.Aug.07 Zack Sucher of Alabama won the Cardinal Amateur by 2 over Patrick Reed of Louisiana.


12.Aug.07 Luke Hopkins of Greer SC won the Palmetto Amateur by 3 over Allen Koon of Bamberg SC.


12.Aug.07 Ryan Stephens won the Colorado Stroke Am by by 5 shots over Darrin Hall.


12.Aug.07 Raj Nahal edged Chris Kennedy 1up in the final match to win the Florida Match Amateur.


12.Aug.07 Brian Soutar won the Gold Medal in Scotland by 3 shots over Jordan Findlay.


12.Aug.07 Lars Petter Brovold won the Norwegian Amateur by 4 shots over Marius Thorp.


11.Aug.07 Ryan Franks of Illinois won the MAGA Amateur by 2 shots over Scott Langley.


11.Aug.07 Joseph Sykora beat Harvin Groft 7&5 to win the Alabama Match Amateur.


11.Aug.07 Ben Parker of England won the German Amateur by 5 shots over 2 Germans.


11.Aug.07 Luke Collins won the Finnish Amateur by 3 over Mikael Salminen of Finland.


11.Aug.07 Neil Chaudhuri of England won the Czech Amateur by Nino Bertasio of Italy.


10.Aug.07 Mike Knight of Alberta won the Pacific Coast Amateur by one over Cameron Tringale of CA.  Alex Prugh of WA and Tim Mickelson of CA tied for third.


10.Aug.07 Arthur Pierse of Ireland won the British Senior Amateur in a playoff with Graham Cooke of Canada.


09.Aug.07 Amateur Phillip Hendrickson won the Kentucky State Open by one over pro, Grover Justice.


09.Aug.07 Anthony Reale won the West Virginia State Am in a playoff with Matthew Hicks.


09.Aug.07 Sam Hutsby of England won the St Mellion Int’l Amateur by Rhys Enoch of Wales.


08.Aug.07 Pedro de Costa Lima won the Brazilian Amateur by 2 shots over Rodrigo Lecerda Soares.


06.Aug.07 Bill Seagris of ON won the Barrett Amateur in NB Canada by one over Greg Breen of NB.  Johan DuBuisson of South Africa and three Canadians tied for third two back.


06.Aug.07 Jhared Hack of Florida edged Alex Prugh of WA 1up in the final of the Western AmateurDustin Johnson of SC & Rob Grube of IL made the semi’s.


06.Aug.07 Paul O’Hanlon won the Mullingar Scratch Trophy by 4 shots over Seamus Power.


05.Aug.07 Luke Hopkins won the South Carolina State Am by 7 shots over Brent Roof.


05.Aug.07 Pierre Relecom of Belgium won the Swiss Int’l Amateur by one shot over four players.


04.Aug.07 Daniel Willett followed up his 10 shot win in the South of England last week with a victory in the English Amateur final 3&2 over Matt CryerShane Winstone and James Robinson made the semi’s.


04.Aug.07 John Gallagher, the reverse grip phenom, won the Scottish Amateur 4&3 over Keir McNicollShaun McAllister and Allan Thomson made the semi’s.


04.Aug.07 Llewellyn Matthews defended his title in the Welsh Amateur with a 2&1 final match win over Ben WestgateZach Gould and Luke Thomas made the semi’s.


03.Aug.07 Lucas Lee of CA was Medalist in the Western Amateur by one shot over Alex Prugh of WA.


03.Aug.07 Peter O’Neill beat Nathan Wine 3&2 in the final of the Indiana Match Amateur.


02.Aug.07 Craig Steckowych won the New Hampshire Stroke Amateur by 5 shots.


01.Aug.07 Adam Hofmann won the Pennsylvania State Am by a shot over Nathan Smith.


01.Aug.07 Darren Crowe beat Joe Lyons 1up in the South of Ireland Amateur Niall Kearney & Stephan Moloney made the semi’s.


31.July.07 Gary Boyd was the Medalist in the revised format for the English Amateur.


29.July.07 Jonathan Mathias beat Alan Clark 3&1 in the Texas Mid-Am Match.


29.July.07 Carter Callaway edged Trey Denton 1up in the final of the Mississippi Match Amateur.


29.July.07 Jorge Campillo of Spain won the Biarritz Cup in France by 2 over Xavier Poncelet of France.


29.July.07 Lucas Justra Bjerregaard of Denmark won the Danish Int’l Amateur by one over a quartet of players in second.


29.July.07 Coenie Bester won the Limpopo Open Am in South Africa by 2 over Adrian Schwartzel.


28.July.07 Brian Harman of Georgia scorched the Porter Cup field & tournament record with a 22 under par, 9 shot victory.  The huge, clutch win will likely get him back on the Walker Cup team for 07.  Finishing secord was Chris Kirk of GA, third was Jason Kokrak of OH & Billy Horschel of FL and fifth was Jon Curran of MA & Justin Regier of NY.


28.July.07 Cory Whitsett beat Anthony Paolucci (both of Texas) 8&7 in the final match of the US JuniorWesley Graham of FL and Sean Brannan of PA made the semi’s.


28.July.07 Estaban Martinez won the South American Am with a 4&3 win over Estanislao Goya in an all Argentina final match.  Julian Etulain of Argentina finished third & Rafael Claux of Peru was fourth.


27.July.07 Mitchell Fox won the Alberta Amateur by 7 shots over Mich Evanecz.


27.July.07 Richie Ramsay, the 06 US Am Champ and 05 Walker Cup team member turned pro today.


26.July.07 Conner McHenry won the Missouri Stroke Am by 2 shots over Tyler Shelton of Kansas.


26.July.07 Dan Willett of England ran away with the South of England Amateur by 10 shots.


25.July.07 Junior Jared Walahoski won the Iowa State Am by 3 shot over Jon Brown & Ben Herrera.


24.July.07 Seung Yul Noh of Korea was the Medalist in the US Junior.


22.July.07 Ron Mangold won the Arkansas Match Amateur final 5&4 over Freddie Wolfe.


22.July.07 51 year old NorCal amateur legend, Casey Boyns won the NCGA Stroke Amateur by 2 over 54 year old Jeff Burda and mid-am Steve Woods.  Mark this one for the old boys.


22.July.07 Gary Woodland won his second Kansas State Amateur with a 3&2 win in this year’s final over fellow Co-Medalist, Wes Stonestreet of Dallas TX.  Gary also won in 05.


22.July.07 Mike Urbatchka, back as an amateur again, won the Wyoming State Am by one over a trio.


22.July.07 Craig Evans won the St Davids Gold Cross in Wales by 5 over Jamie Howie & Luke Thomas.


22.July.07 Joonas Granberg prevailed over Tuomas Pollari in a playoff for the Finnish Amateur.


22.July.07 Rasmus H Nielsen won the Danish Amateur by one shot over Phillip Drost & Nicklaez Rasmussen.


21.July.07 Webb Simpson of NC strikes again winning the Southern Amateur for the second time in three years this time by one shot over Tom Glissmeyer of CO & Seung Su Han of Vegas.  Finishing fourth was Drew Kittleson of AZ another shot back.


21.July.07 John Duthie edged defending Champ, Andrew DiBitetto 1 up in the New York State Amateur.


21.July.07 Josh Hedge won the Montana State Amateur by 8 shots.


21.July.07 Michael Kraaij of the Netherlands won the Dutch Junior Open (U21) in a playoff with Prinavin Nelson of South Africa.


20.July.07 Dylan Frittelli of SA won the Junior World in San Diego CA by 5 shots over Danny Lee of NZ.


20.July.07 Mitch Gillis won the British Columbia Amateur by 3 shots over Adam Hadwin.


20.July.07 Ron Stewart won the Saskatchewan Amateur in Canada by one over Luke Sheard.


20.July.07 Stephane Pellerin won the rain shortened Quebec Amateur by one over Jacques Paiement.


20.July.07 Rory McIlroy, the top ranked amateur from GB&I & #4 worldwide per the SPWAR going into the British Open, was the only amateur to make the cut and therefore is the Low Amateur and thereby absolutely locked his spot on the 07 GB&I Walker Cup team as the top amateur in GB&I at age 18.


19.July.07 Brady Exber won the Nevada Match Amateur final 5&4 over Adam Tebbs.


19.July.07 Daniel Mitchell won the Oklahoma State Amateur final 2&1 over Robert Streb.


19.July.07 Brandon Crick won the Nebraska State Amateur by one over Trent Price


19.July.07 Bryce Hanstad won the Minnesota State Am by 4 shot over Clayton Rask.


19.July.07 Travis Meyer won the Wisconsin State Amateur by one over Dan Woltman.


19.July.07 Brad Kirton won the Manitoba Amateur by 2 shots over Matt Johnston.


19.July.07 Brent Paladino of CT won the rain shortened New England Am by 2 over Frank Vana of MA.


15.July.07 Dan Summerhays of Utah made history as the first amateur to win a Nationwide Tour event.  That moved him to #5 in the SPWAR, then he turns pro two days later.


15.July.07 Rickie Fowler of California all but locked up a Walker Cup spot with his 2 shot victory in the Players Amateur over Michael Thompson of Arizona.  Kyle Stanley of WA was third, Rohan Blizard of Australia was fourth and James Gill of NZ was fifth.


15.July.07 Bill Rankin of MI won the Eastern Amateur by 2 over Kevin OConnell of NC with Billy Whalen of CA in third and Jon Hurst of VA finishing fourth.


15.July.07 Ryan Bendewald won the Idaho State Am by one shot over Joe Panzeri.


15.July.07 Nick Nelson beat Scott Clark one up in the final of the Utah State Amateur.


15.July.07 Pat Rada of SC beat Warren Thomas of SC 6&4 in the Carolinas Amateur.


15.July.07 Harris English won the Georgia State Amateur by one shot over a trio of others.


15.July.07 Greg Breen won the New Brunswick Am in Canada by five shots.


15.July.07 Seve Benson won the Tillman Trophy in England by one over Dale Whitnell & Chris Wood.


15.July.07 Luke Goddard of England won the Chiberta Grand Prix in France by 3 over Eduardo Espana of France.


15.July.07 Greg Paterson won the Sutherland Chalice in Scotland by 8 shots over Keir McNicoll.


15.July.07 Zach Gould won the rain shortened Tucker Trophy in Wales.


14.July.07 Colt Knost of Texas prevailed over Cody Paladino of Connecticut 6&4 in the final of the US Public Links derailing Colt’s turn pro plans to keep his 08 Masters invite but substantially increasing his chances of being named to the 07 Walker Cup team.  Derek Fathauer of FL & Corey Nagy of NC made the semi’s.


14.July.07 Jake Younan-Wise of Australia won the Pac Northwest Am 3&2 in the final over Pat Nagle of California.  Matt Giles of Australia & Blake Trimble of CA made the semi’s.


14.July.07 Skip Berkmeyer of Missouri was Low Amateur & T3 in the MAGA Open.


14.July.07 Trent Brown of AZ got Jim Lehman of MN on the 20th hole for the Trans-Miss Mid-Am title.


14.July.07 Tim Strout beat Mark Stevens 5&4 in the final of the New Hampshire Amateur.


14.July.07 Stephan Wiedergruen of Germany won the Luxembourg Int’l Amateur.


13.July.07 Jason Kokrak defended his title in the Ohio State Amateur by nine shots


13.July.07 Chris Ross won the Ontario Amateur by 4 shots over David Byrne & 8 shots over V Ciesielski.


13.July.07 Burgess Houston edged Frank Vana 1up in the final of the Massachusetts State Amateur.


13.July.07 Spencer Provow knocked off Tim Jackson 4&3 in the final of the Tennessee Match Am.


13.July.07 Brad Valois defended his title in the Rhode Island Amateur final 5&3 over Charlie Blanchard.


13.July.07 Zen Brown buzzed Tom Glissmeyer 10&9 in the final of the Colorado Match Am.


12.July.07 Teen sensation and SPWAR top 100 junior, Tadd Fujikawa turned pro as did Brendon Todd.


12.July.07 Trevor Murphy pounded the Vermont State Amateur field by 13 shots.


12.July.07 Eric Higgins won the Maine State Amateur by 3 shots over Toby Spector.


11.July.07 Mark Harrell of GA was Medalist in the US Public Links 2 shots clear of Lucas Lee of CA, Eddie Olson of CA & Clayton Rask of MN.


10.July.07 Jake Younan-Wise of Australia was Medalist in the Pacific Northwest Am.


10.July.07 David Coupland & Paul Waring of England along with Llewellyn Matthews of Wales qualified for the British Open.  Adam Hodkinson of England is an alternate.


08.July.07 SPWAR #1 Jamie Lovemark finished T45 in Tiger’s AT&T National on the PGA Tour.  On the Challenge Tour, Noel Bertrand of France finished T13 in the Volcanos Open.


08.July.07 George Zahringer of NY tied Danny Green of TN for Low Amateur in the US Senior Open.


08.July.07 Philip Mollica of SC hammered Ray Sheedy of MD 8&6 in the North & South Am final for the title.  Aaron Pike of Australia & Webb Simpson of the host state made the Semi’s


08.July.07 Hudson Johnson of TX won the Spirit of America Am by 3 shots over Kyle Ellis of MS.


07.July.07 Michael Foster of Western Australia beat Josh Younger of VIC Australia in a playoff for the Rice Planters victory.  Matt Griffin of Australia and Warren Thomas of SC tied for third.


07.July.07 Ireland beat France in the final of the European Amateur Team Championship and the individual performances were ranked by the SPWAR quantitatively for individual finish position.  Rory McIlroy of Ireland was deemed the "winner" individually.


07.July.07 Wallace Booth won the Cameron Corbett Vase in Scotland by 7 shots over Ross Kellett.


07.July.07 Shintaro Kobayashi won an epic battle over mid-am Naoyuki Tamura on the 41st hole for the Japan Amateur crown.  Ryutaro Nagano & Shunsuke Sonoda made the semi’s.


06.July.07 Dan Summerhays of Utah blitzed the final round of the Sahalee Players in WA with a tournament low 67 to win by 8 shots over Eddie Olson of CA.  Defending Champion, Kyle Stanley of WA finished third.


06.July.07 MingChuan Chen won the Taiwan Amateur by 2 shots over ShihChang Chan.


03.July.07 Bi-O Kim of Korea was Medalist in the Japan Amateur.


01.July.07 Brandon Putnam continues to dominate in New Mexico with a 3 shot win in the State Amateur after winning the last two match amateurs.


01.July.07 Pat Tallett beat John Rosenstock decisively 7&5 in the final of the Virginia State Amateur.


01.July.07 Brett Kanda won the Southern Cal Amateur by 3 shots over Brian Edick.  Recent State Am Champ, Josh Anderson finished third another shot back.


01.July.07 Duncan Stewart won the East of Scotland Am by 4 over 07 British Am Semi-finalist Callum Macaulay and was 8 shots clear of all others.


01.July.07 Stanislav Matus of the Czech Rep won the Polish Open Amateur by 5 shots.


01.July.07 The following players previously in SPWAR top 100 are known to have turned professional:

Niklas Lemke of Sweden                           – Roberto Castro of Georgia

Mark Haastrup of Denmark                        – Oscar Floren of Sweden

Matt Harmon of Michigan                           – Tyler Leon of Texas


30.June.07 Webb Simpson stormed from behind past the stumbling leaders to win the Dogwood Invitational by 4 shots over New Zealand junior sensation, Danny Lee.


30.June.07 George Woolgar won the Midland Open Amateur by 5 over fellow Englishman Matt Cryer.


29.June.07 Chris Wood of England won the Russia Amateur by 7 over Andrey Pavlov of Russia.


29.June.07 Joel Dalmen won the Washington State Amateur by 6 shots over John Cassidy.


29.June.07 Mike Oimoen beat JD Anderson 3&2 in the final of the Iowa Match Amateur.


28.June.07 Andy Winings won the Indiana State Am by 2 shot over Andrew Rhodes.


28.June.07 Chad Koschmann beat Carlos Sainz on the 37th hole for the CDGA Amateur (Chicago).


27.June.07 Amory Davis won the Delaware State Am in a playoff over Eric Onesi.


26.June.07 George Zahringer of New York won the Met Stroke Am (Ike) by 4 shots over Andres Huber of NJ.


24.June.07 Medalist Oliver Bekker of South Africa beat David Mckendrick of Australia 4&3 in the final of the Cotton States Inv in Louisiana.  Leigh Deagan of Australia and Derek Oakley of Atlanta made the semi’s.


24.June.07 Luke Collins won the Berkshire Trophy in England by 3 shots over Ben Westgate of Wales.


23.June.07 Wallace Booth won the Tennant Cup in Scotland by 5 shots over Craig Watson.


23.June.07 Dustin Johnson made it "back-to-back" with a victory in the Northeast Amateur one week after his win in the Monroe.  Drew Kittleson of Arizona and Chris Kirk of Georgia tied for second 2 shots back with defending champ Carlton Forrester another shot back tied with Texter, Stanley & Horschel.


23.June.07 Kris Wasylowich of Alberta won the Glencoe Invitational in Canada in a playoff with Mark Summerfeld of Ontario and Todd Halpen of British Colombia.


23.June.07 Drew Weaver of High Point NC emerged from relative obscurity to win the British Amateur 2&1 over Aussie National Squader, Tim StewartCallum Macaulay of Scotland and Jason Shufflebotham of Wales made the semi’s.  Medalist & Englishman David Horsey went out in the round of 32.


23.June.07 Alan Wagner of Argentina was the Medalist in the Copa de las Americas by 9 shots held in Canada where the USA won the team championship.  Jonathan Moore finished second individually.


23.June.07 State Amateur Champions in USA:

California, Josh Anderson of Murrieta (Joe Greiner was Finalist)

Connecticut, Will Strickler of Madison (Josh Cumming was Finalist)

Florida, Matthew Galloway of Valrico (Song Jeon was second)

Michigan, Ryan Brehm of Mt Pleasant (Steven Cuzzort was Finalist)

Missouri, Conner McHenry of Jefferson City (Mitchell Gregson was Finalist)

Nebraska, John Hurley of O’Neill (Tom Kelley was Finalist)

North Dakota Stroke, Mike Huber (Kick Kuhn was second)

Oregon, Adam Hagen of Scappoose, (Ryan Fery was Finalist)x


23.June.07 Anders Kristiansen of Norway eged ChengTsung Pan of Taiwan by 2 in the Junior World Cup.


22.June.07 Sandy Harper of BC won the Canadian Club Champions in a playoff over Mark Brewer of Ontario.


20.June.07 Tom Jenkins edged Clayton Rask on the 19th to win the Minnesota Players Championship.


17.June.07 New SPWAR #1 solidified his top ranking when Jamie Lovemark of California almost won a Nationwide Tour event losing a playoff to former PGA Tour player, Chris Riley.


17.June.07 Michael Thompson of Tucson AZ blitzed the Greystone Invitational field by 8 shots except for Garrett Osborn of Alabama who finished second 4 shots back.


17.June.07 George Bryan of South Carolina won the Southeastern Amateur by 3 shots over Wright Waddell of Georgia.  4 shots out & tied for third were Clark Klaasen of MI & Tra Dykes of GA.


17.June.07 Beau Glover won the Arkansas State Am by 4 shots over Greg Flanagan & Will Osborne.


17.June.07 Jerry Richardson prevailed in a 3-way playoff with Cliff Benson & Barden Berry for the North Carolina State Amateur title.


16.June.07 Kurt Nino buzzed Edward Stenftenagel 8&7 in the Hawaiian Match Play (Manoa Cup).


16.June.07 Dustin Johnson of South Carolina blitzed the third round on "moving day" with a course record tying 62, then cruised in for a four shot win in the Monroe InvitationalCameron Tringale of CA finished second with Jon Curran of MA & Jarred Texter of PA tied for third.


16.June.07 Thomas Warren beat 05 Champ, Kellen Altman 4&2 in the final of the South Carolina Match Am.


16.June.07 Miha Studen won the Slovenian Amateur by 8 shots.


15.June.07 Aaron Weston broke through for his first SPWAR points with a playoff victory over Colorado State teammate, Zen Brown in the Southwestern AmateurJesse Barnsley of Albuquerque NM finished third one shot back.


15.June.07 Philip Hendrickson of Danville KY won the Kentucky State Amateur by 3 over Brent Long.


15.June.07 Garrett Jones beat Matt Behm 3&2 for the Wisconsin Match Amateur title.


15.June.07 Michael Knight beat Ryan Swelin 2&1 in the final of the Alberta Match Amateur.


13.June.07 Shane Lowry won the Irish Amateur 4&3 over Niall TurnerJonny Caldwell & Cian Curley made the semi’s.


10.June.07 Rickie Fowler of Murrieta CA lead the junior dominated Sunnehanna Amateur for his first big amateur event victory over Peter Uilhein of Bradenton FL by one shot and by 2 shots over Bud Cauley of Jacksonville FL.  Mid-Am Trip Kuehne of Irving TX finished fourth.


10.June.07 Llewellyn Matthews of Wales won the St Andrews Links Trophy by 3 over Aussie Scott Arnold with Frenchman Alexandre Kaleka another shot back.  Jamie Moul of England was 5 back in fourth ahead of Welch Mid-Am Nigel Edwards in fifth.


10.June.07 State/Province Amateurs in North America:

Alabama State Champ, Garrett Osborn

Louisiana State Champ, Chris Wells

Maryland State Champ, Brad Hastings

Mississippi State Champ, Steve Williams

Ontario Provincial Champ, David Bryne

Texas State Champ, Charlie Holland

Wyoming Match Champ, Michael May


10.June.07 Tim Hogarth of Northridge blew out another field with another win in the Los Angeles City.


10.June.07 Victor Fookes pounded Xabier Basanez 10&8 in the final of the Venezuela Amateur.


10.June.07 Jean Peglau won the Peru Match Play Am 2&1 over Rafael Claux.


09.June.07 Dutchman Tim Sluiter captured the French Open Amateur by a comfy 6 shot margin over Dale Whitnell of England.  Jonas Enander Hedin of Sweden tied Damien Perrier of France for third.


09.June.07 Gary Wolstenholme of England successfully defended his European Mid-Am title with a dominating 9 shot victory.


08.June.07 Pablo Martin of Spain had his rein at the top of the world amateur ranking end as he has turned pro and is playing this week as such in the PGA Tour event.  Also turning pro are Dawie van der Walt of South Africa and Bronson LaCassie of Australia among others.


04.June.07 Bill McGuinness won the New Jersey State Amateur by two shots.


04.June.07 Amateur US Open Qualifiers:  Chris Condello, Heathrow FL;  Rhys Davies, Bridgend WALES,  Jeff Golden, Winter Park FL;  Mark Harrell, Hazlehurst GA;  Jason Kokrak, Warren OH;  Trip Kuehne, Irving TX;  Richard Lee, Chandler AZ;  Pablo Martin, Malaga SPAIN;  Philip Pettett, Murfreesboro, TN;  Alex Prugh, Spokane WA;  Martin Ureta, Santiago, CHILE


04.June.07 Richard Kilpatrick blitzed the field by 8 shots in the East of Ireland Amateur.


03.June.07 2-time Walker Cupper, Tim Jackson defended his title in the Birmingham National Inv by 3 over 07 Walker Cup candidate & hometown favorite Carlton Forrester by 3 shots.  Talbert Griffin of Hoover AL was third another shot back.


03.June.07 Brett Smith won the Idaho Match Amateur 2&1 over Jonathan Edwards.


03.June.07 ME Bussieres won the Quebec Match Amateur 5&3 over PhilippeAndre Bannon.


03.June.07 07 Walker Cup candidate, Kevin McAlpine of Scotland won the Scottish Open Amateur by 2 shots over Frenchman Alexandre Kaleka and Scotsman James Bryne.  They were 2 shots clear of Scott Mann also of Scotland.


03.June.07 Aaron Pike of Queensland blew out the field in the Northern Territory Amateur by 8 shots.


03.June.07 Floris de Vries won the Dutch Stroke Amateur by 6 shots.


02.June.07 Jamie Lovemark roared in from three shots back with another 64 to win the NCAA National Collegiate ChampionshipKyle Stanley of Clemson finished second with Rob Grube of National Champion Stanford in third .  A big story of this championship is the goofy rule for individuals not on a top 15 team to make the last round.  This year, three players 4 shots out of the lead after 54 holes did not make the last round.  Additionally, Lovemark made the last round by a shot by just missing a playoff but won the tournament.


01.June.07 Lee French won the Canadian National Collegiate title in a playoff with LouisPierre Godin.


28.May.07 Another pelt for the older guys as 43 year old Randal Cross roared out of the pack with the low round of the day (66) for a one shot victory in the Memorial Amateur in Sacramento.  Brandon Beck tied for second for the second straight year, this time with Brian Adamson of nearby Roseville.


27.May.07 Michael Morrison of Georgia won the Lupton Invitational at the Honors course in Tennessee in a 2-hole playoff with Parker Smith of TN.  Chris Stutts of Florida finished alone in third with 103 Stableford points.


27.May.07 Jonas Kohling won the Austrian Amateur by one over fellow German Maurice Jordan.


25.May.07 John Parry won the Welsh Open Amateur in a playoff with fellow Englishman, Paul Waring.  They were seven shots clear of Walker Cupper, Nigel Edwards of Wales who finished third alone.


25.May.07 Christian Ries of South Africa & Columbus State won the NCAA D2 National by six shots.


25.May.07 Daniel Mitchell of Oklahoma City, the top ranked NAIA player coming in, won the NAIA Nationals by three shots over Sam Cyr of Pt Loma Nazarene.


25.May.07 Jay Bayron of the Philippines won the Saujana Amateur Open in Malaysian by one shot over Josh Younger of Australia.  They were 8 shots clear of the field.


24.May.07 Derek Rende of Soddy Daisy TN picked up his first SPWAR points with his two shot win in the Tennessee State Open.  Finishing second was Aussie Philip Watkins who is a graduate student at Tennessee State.  Chris Barron tied for fifth as the third low amateur.


24.May.07 Miles Mackman won the Lagonda Trophy in England by three over Thomas Shadbolt.


20.May.07 Tim Hogarth got another one edging Craig Steinberg in the 72nd Pasadena City by a shot.  Keith Kinsel was third and Tye Alexander in fourth in a start scratch field of over 200 players.


20.May.07 Romain Bechu of France and the defending champion, Jamie Moul of England shared the prestigious Brabazon Trophy (Eng Open Am).  Romain has come out of relative obscurity by first winning the French Am earlier this year & with the Brabazon co-title, moves into the top 200 in the SPWAR.  Kenny Le Sager made it a strong showing by France by finishing third one shot back.  Englishmen David Horsey and Sam Hutsby tied for fourth.


20.May.07 15 year old Ryo Ishikawa won the Munsingwear Open on the Japan Tour with the low final round score of 66.  He was the only amateur to make the cut and the youngest winner in Japan Tour history & the first amateur winner on that tour since 1980.


20.May.07 Kunyang Goh of Singapore roared out of the pack with the low final round 67 to win the Malaysian Open Amateur by 2 shots over Anirban Lahiri of India.  The reining Philippines Am Champ, Jay Bayron tied for third with Aussie Nat’l Squader, Ray Beaufils.


19.May.07 The Medalist in each of the 3 NCAA D1 Regionals are:

eastBilly Hoschel of Florida & Brendon Todd of Georgia tied (Chris Kirk & Kyle Stanley tied for third)

centralDawie van der Walt of Lamar & Dan Woltman of Wisconsin tied (Tim Streng was second)

westBen Alvarado of Arizona State (Kevin Chappell, Jon Curran & Jamie Lovemark tied for second)


18.May.07 Clinton Dammann of St John’s Univ of MN helped carry his team to victory with the individual title in the NCAA Div 3 National Championship.  He finished 8 shots ahead of Jabob Collinsworth of Huntington College and Andy Miller of Otterbein College.


18.May.07 Jonathan Mathias of Texas won another mid-am event in his state with a 2 shot victory in the Carlton Woods Invitational over Daniel Crockett of Tennessee.  Jerry Ledzinski of Calif was third.


18.May.07 Aussie Nat’l Squader Andrew Dodt finally won an Aussie Nat’l Trial event in the Keperra Bowl of Queensland.  He was 2 shots clear of last week’s QLD Am Finalist, Kevin Lee.  Fellow Nat’l Squad mates Rohan Blizard and Rick Kulacz were tied 3 shots back.


18.May.07 Rich Saferian of Scottsdale Commumity College won the National D1 JC Championship.


17.May.07 Brian Belden beat mid-am, Jeff Daniels in the final of the Pennsylvania State Match Am 3&1.  Conrad Von Borsig made the semi’s as did Adam Cohan for the second straight year.


16.May.07 A major SPWAR change occurred today with the input of the entire USA collegiate season results prior to the D1 Regionals and the Nationals in all divisions.  The D1 Regionals and the Nationals in all divisions are each separately included events.


13.May.07 Walker Cupper, Lloyd Saltman of Scotland is on fire as he extended his win streak to four with a 2 shot win in the Irish Open Amateur over Irishman, Richard Kilpatrick.  5 shots back was Scotsman Keir McNicoll.  Pedro Figueiredo of Portugal tied for 4th with Irish ace, Rory McIlroy.  Lloyd’s third round 66 set the course record at host course, Royal Dublin.


13.May.07 Marius Thorp of Norway won the DnB NOR Open within the Nordic League.


13.May.07 Jonathan King won the West of Scotland Am by 2 shots over Andrew Lynch, Matt Clark and Scott Borrowman, all tied for second.


11.May.07 Rika Batibasaga won the Queensland Amateur over Kevin Lee 4&3 with a strong finish after being all square after the 26th hole.  Junior Daniel Nisbet and National Squader Andrew Dodt made the semi’s.  Each match for this event is 36 holes for the top 16 from 72 hole medal play.


09.May.07 07 SA Am Champ, Louis de Jager won the Boland Open Am by 5 shots over Trevor Mahoney.


06.May.07 Walker Cupper, Lloyd Saltman of Scotland extended his win streak to three with a three shot win in the prestigious Lytham Trophy in England.  Tied for second were Walker Cupper, Nigel Edwards of Wales and to be Walker Cupper & junior sensation, Rory McIlroy of Ireland.


06.May.07 Tyronne Ferriera of Central Gauteng got nipped in a playoff for 72 hole Medalist honors in the Western Province Open Am by Alpheus Kelapile of the North West province but got revenge in the final match 1 Up.  07 South African Am Champ, Louis de Jager and Adrian Ford made the semi’s.


06.May.07 Danny Lee of New Zealand fired the low round of the final day (65) to finish third & low amateur in the Asian Tour’s Maekyung Open.  Korean amateur Bio Kim finished T4.


04.May.07 Kevin Lee was Medalist in the Queensland Amateur with a 15 under 273 total.  One shot back was Aussie National Squader Ray Beaufils and Rika Batibasaga.  The top 16 make match play.


29.Apr.07 Rick Reinsberg of CA won his fourth Commuters by one over Michael McRae of Utah and Garett Wagner of Brentwood, CA.  Tying for fourth 4 shots out at 6 under 278 was Chadd Cocco of Oregon and Nicolas Marin of CA.  The 80th Commuters had a start field of 204 players.


29.Apr.07 Colt Knost of Texas & SMU made the cut at the PGA Tour’s Byron Nelson but did not finish well enough to garner OWGR or SPWAR points.


29.Apr.07 Tim Hogarth of Northridge CA made it three straight at the Kelly Cup with a six shot win this year over Nick Ushijima of Japan and Craig Steinberg of Oak Park CA.


29.Apr.07 Pariya Junhasavasdikul of Purdue & Thailand won the Big 10 Conference title by 8 shots.


29.Apr.07 Brandon Putnam of Albuquerque knocked off UNM teammate, Nick Geyer of Agoura CA in the final of the New Mexico Match AmRobert Thompson & Patrick Hanlon made the Semi’s.


29.Apr.07 Walker Cup candidate Llewellyn Matthews of Wales prevailed by one shot in the Trubshaw Cup over Dara Lernihan or Ireland and Jason Shufflebotham of Wales.


29.Apr.07 Englishmen David Horsey and Chris Wood shared the title in the West of England Amateur.  Gregg Blainey finished third just one shot back.


29.Apr.07 Marc Dobias of Switzerland came from behind with a final round 63 to win the Championship of Tessin in Switzerland by 5 shots over fellow countryman, Ken Benz.


29.Apr.07 Michael Foster beat fellow nat’l squader, Rick Kulacz in the Western Australia Amateur 1up.  Rob Hewison & Michael Dennis made the Semi’s.  Foster was also Medalist edging Kulacz in 72 hole stroke play for the 16 match play spots.


29.Apr.07 Leighton James was low amateur finishing second by one behind pro Mark Purser in the Carrus Tauranga Open in New Zealand.  Kevin Smith finished third 5 shots back.


28.Apr.07 Veteran top mid-am, Gene Elliott of Iowa won the Coleman Invitational in a playoff with Chip Lutz of Pennsylvania.  They were a shot clear of Tommy Brennan of Louisiana & Pat Tallent of Virginia.  2-time Walker Cupper, Tim Jackson tied 2-time defending champ Eoghan OConnell for 5th.


28.Apr.07 Robby Ormand of TCU won the Mountain West Conference title in a playoff over Adam Porzak of San Diego State.


25.Apr.07 Jamie Lovemark of USC dominated the PAC 10 Championship leading his team to a field pounding by 36 shots over cross-town rival UCLA.


24.Apr.07 40 year old Tim Hogarth won another SCGA Mid-Am title but this time by a record 8 shots at Mission Viejo CC dubbed "Mission Impossible" when it first opened.  His 5 under total beat best ball partner John Pate who was 2 clear of 05 Trans-Miss champ, David Bartman.


24.Apr.07 Spanard Pablo Martin of Oklahoma St, the world’s top ranked amateur, won the Big 12 Conference Championship.


22.Apr.07 Peter Uihlein cruised in for an eight shot victory in the Terra Cotta Invitational in Naples, Florida.  Pat Reed of Louisiana finished second by one over defending champ, Bank Vongvanij, Tim Jackson of TN and Bud Cauley of Jacksonville.


22.Apr.07 Major USA collegiate conference champions

ACC – Jonas Blixt of Florida State Univ and Sweden

SEC – Patton Kizzire of Auburn Univ and the state of Alabama


22.Apr.07 Kiwi junior sensation, Danny Lee buzzed fellow countryman Nick Gillespie 7&5 in the 36 hole final of the New Zealand Amateur.  Kiwi James Gill and Aussie Am Champ, Rohan Blizard made the semi’s.


22.Apr.07 Roberto Gomez blew out the Brazilia Open Amateur by 10 shots.


19.Apr.07 Top SPWAR Kiwi, James Gill won Medalist honors at the New Zealand Amateur by one over Aussie National Squader Andrew Dodt and Kiwi Troy Ropiha.  Top 32 make match play.


15.Apr.07 Aussie National Squader, Rick Kulacz of Western Australia won the SAGA Invitational in South Australia by one over Brett Rankin of Queensland.  Matt Griffin of Victoria and local favorite Ben Tuohy tied for third 3 shots back.  Rick also won this one in 2005.


15.Apr.07 Alan Wagner was low amateur finishing T13 at 6 over par in the Central Open in Argentina won by PGA Tour pro, Angel Cabrera who was 5 under.


15.Apr.07 Englishman Ross Jones won the Hampshire Salver by one over Matt Allen and by 2 shots over Jason Barnes


15.Apr.07 Welshman & Walker Cupper Nigel Edwards won the Duncan Putter in Wales for a third time by one over fellow countryman, Craig Evans.  Englishmen Dale Marmion & Adam Norman tied for third.


15.Apr.07 Walker Cupper, Lloyd Saltman strikes again winning the Craigmiller Park in Scotland by one over Scott Henry.


14.Apr.07 Luciano Dodda of Argentina won the Lima International (Peru) by 2 shots over fellow countryman, Julian Etulain and John Bunker of Canada.


13.Apr.07 Jason Scrivener of Western Australia won the Australian Junior by 2 shots over Danny An of NSW.  Yeon Jin Jeong of VIC finished third 3 shots back.


13.Apr.07 Jay Bayron made it a double by winning the Philippines Open Amateur to go with his Philippines Am match play title he picked up in December.  He beat his younger brother Rufino Bayron by 2 shots for this title.  Third round leader Mario Labajo settled for third.


10.Apr.07 Joe Lyons beat Paul Cutler 1 up in the West of Ireland Open Amateur Tommy McGowan and Medalist Simon Ward made the Semi’s.


09.Apr.07 Josh Younger, who got beat in the first round of the Aussie Am by Rohan Blizard, edged him by 2 shots for the victory in the Mandurah Easter Amateur in Western Australia.  Ashley Unbers of the host state finished third by another stroke.


08.Apr.07 Lloyd Saltman won the Scottish Champ of Champions on the first playoff hole over 05 British Am Finalist, John GallagherKevin McAlpine finish third 3 shots back.


08.Apr.07 Nick Gillespie won the NZ North Island Amateur by 3 shots over Jared Pender with Danny Lee another 2 shots back.  Nick & Danny set the course record with 65’s in the third round.


01.Apr.07 Juan Pablo Luna pounded Edgar Gomez 8&7 in the final of the Colombian Amateur.


01.Apr.07 Webb Simpson of North Carolina defeated Billy Horschel of Florida in a playoff for the Azalea Amateur in South Carolina with an amazing fairway bunker approach from an awkward lie to within 3 feet for the tap in tweet and win.  Chris Kirk & Kyle Ellis tied for third with Bank Vongvanij in fifth and third round leader Luke List finishing sixth.


01.Apr.07 Juan Rivadeneyra of Mexico won the Mexican Amateur by 7 over Canadian Keven Fortin-Simard and Ramiro Perez of Mexico with Estanislao Goya of Argentina finishing fourth.


01.Apr.07 Luciano Dodda won the Norpatagonico Open in Argentina by nine shots.


01.Apr.07 Wesley Putzier edged Allister de Kock by a shot to win the EP & Border Open Am in South Africa with Tad Sinclair finishing third.


31.Mar.07 Alan Wagner shared the individual honors with fellow countryman, Franco Barrera in the South American Junior Team Championship held in Brazil.  They were 7 shots clear of all others as Argentina blew out the field in the team championship sweeping the top 3 spots individually.


30.Mar.07 The only pro among the top 10 won the inaugural King Hamad Trophy at the Riffa GC in Bahrain.  Finishing second four shots back was Sultan Abdulla of Bahrain.


29.Mar.07 Rohan Blizard continued his hot play in 07 with a 3&2 final match victory over fellow NSW mate Justin Roach to win the Australian AmateurDaniel Nisbet of Queensland made the Semi’s along with Steve Lewton of England.  Walker Cupper Lloyd Saltman of Scotland, who finished third in stroke play, made the Quarters.


01.Apr.07 Pablo Martin-Benavides of Spain and Oklahoma State University, who has been the SPWAR’s only #1 ranked player, made history today by winning the European Tour’s Portuguese Open by a shot thus becoming the first amateur to ever win on that tour.  That terminates any question as to who is the #1 ranked amateur in the world where Pablo will continue to roost until he officially turns pro after the NCAA Div 1 National Championship in June.  Thereafter, he will take comfort in knowing he has 5 remaining sponsor’s exemptions on the European Tour and 6 more on the PGA Tour until 2008.  To the victor go the spoils.  Congratulations Pablo!


01.Apr.07 05 Champion & 06 Medalist, Craig Hancock won again defeating Ryan McCarthy 3&2 in the final of the Tasmanian Amateur.  Medalist Michael Leedham made the Quarters.


28.Mar.07 Romain Bechu beat Matthieu Bey 6&4 in the French Amateur (closed)Vaita Guillaume and Thibaut Courmont made the Semi’s.


25.Mar.07 Jeremy DeFalco of Tucson, AZ beat the infamous Danny Green of Jackson, TN in the fifth Scratch Players Mid-Amateur at the tough Bear Creek GC in Murrieta, CA.  Mid-Am for this event is age 30 and older.  Medalist Robert Funk and Brady Exber of Las Vegas made the Semi’s.


24.Mar.07 Prinavin Nelson won the North West Open Am in South Africa by a comfy 5 shot margin over Rhys West.  SPWAR top 50 ranked Branden Grace was third & 7 shots back.


24.Mar.07 Rory McIlroy of Ireland defeated Marius Thorp of Norway in a playoff for the Grey Goose Cup (formerly the Sherry Cup) in Spain.  They were both 5 shots clear of the field.  05 Champ, Gary Wolstenholme of England finished third with the defending Champion, Nigel Edwards of Wales in fourth 6 shots back.


24.Mar.07 Andrew Dodt of Queensland was the Medalist in the Australian Amateur after a dramatic 4 hole playoff with Scott Arnold of NSW.  Match play for the top 32 starts 3/26.


3.18.07 TJ Shuart of Coral Springs edged Brad Stainsby of Lakeland by one in the Florida Azalea.  Top 200 ranked Mu Hu & Michael Barbosa were among four tied for third.


3.18.07 In the 112th Argentina Amateur, Pablo Lozado dominated the final match 6&5 over Ary Rodriguez. Matias O’Curry and Axel Ochoa made the semi’s with Medalist Esteban Martinez going out in the first round.


3.18.07 Junior sensation Danny Lee came from behind to take the South Island Amateur in New Zealand by 3 shots over Jared Pender.


3.17.07 Frenchman & 06 British Am Champ, Julien Guerrier won the CDG Open on the Alps Tour as a final tune up for the Masters.


3.12.07 Wynard Dingle of South Africa won the Northern Open Am final 5&4 over Victor Dubuisson of France after being co-Medalist in the 72 hole stroke play.  Jacques Guillet of France & Johan Du Buisson of SA made the Semi’s.


3.12.07 Tim Stewart held on to win the Riversdale Cup in VIC, Australia by one over Andrew DodtRohan Blizard of NSW & Matt Griffin of VIC tied for third.


3.11.07 Chan Kim of Honolulu won the Hawaii State Am by 3 over defending champion, Toru Nakajima of Japan.  Reining USPL Champ, Casey Watabu finished third.


3.11.07 Chadd Cocco of Bend, Oregon & St Mary’s College won the San Francisco City final match 2&1 on the 35th hole over Medalist Reid Scarff of Oroville.  The "Visa City" semifinalists were Kevin Smith and 2-time champ, Jim Evans of Redwood City.


3.11.07 Among the OWGR events worldwide (pro tours covered by the official world pro ranking), only Simon Ngigi of Kenya made a cut; in this case in the Challenge Tour’s Kenya Open.  Unfortunately, Simon’s finish in 65th place did not garner any OWGR points and therefore no SPWAR points.


3.09.07 Louis de Jager made it a "double" as the 07 South African Amateur Champion & Medalist.  In foul weather with stiff winds throughout the tournament, Louis won the final match by a comfortable 5&4 margin over 16 year old, Andre de Decker.


3.09.07 Peter Baunsoe finished T5 in the Nordic League’s Backtee Championship and the only amateur in the top 10 which got him into the SPWAR top 200.


3.07.07 The US collegiate spring season is fully underway with multiple tournaments weekly all over the country.  The SPWAR incorporates all such competition into the ranking twice per year; once after the fall season and again in mid-May just before the D1 Regionals and all division nationals.  Each of the 3 D1 regionals as well as the nationals in all divisions are separate included events in the SPWAR.  This will result in a major shake up in the SPWAR in mid-May thru early June.


3.06.07 Louis De Jager was medalist in the weather shortened South African Am stroke play.


3.05.07 Gasparilla Invitational was won by Michael Morrison of Georgia by one over Keith Decker of Virginia.  Only the results available went into the ranking for 07 at a reduced level.


3.04.07 John Parry of England blew out Baptiste Chapellan of France 10 & 9 in the Spanish Open Amateur final.  Portugal’s Pedro Figueiredo & Elliot Saltman of Scotland made the semi’s.


3.04.07 Chris Austin won the South Australian Amateur final over Brett Crosby 2&1.


3.04.07 SPWAR #16 Kyung-Tae Kim of Korea has turned pro picking up a check for his T37 finish in the Euro/Asian/Aus Tours’ Johnny Walker Classic in Thailand.


3.04.07 The SBS Invitational in New Zealand had red hot Rohan Blizzard of NSW come from behind to beat teen sensation, Danny Lee by three shots.  Josh Younger of Australia was third and defending Champion, David Rattray of NZ finished fourth.


3.03.07 Ary Rodriguez was low amateur at T7 In the Abierto del Sur in Argentina while Alan Wagner also picked up some SPWAR points for finishing T9.


3.02.07 The SPWAR was enhanced today to encompass more players from the Baltic region and Latin America.


2.26.07 It was a "light" week for SPWAR activity but Branden Grace of South Africa finished T14 in the Telkom PGA on the Sunshine Tour which moved Grace from #67 to 48 in the ranking.  Top ranked Pablo Martin finished T63 in the PGA Tour’s Mayacoba Classic in Mexico but that finish did not garner any OWGR or SPWAR points.  Jordan Sherratt was Medalist in the South Australian Am by 3 over Chris Brown.


2.18.07 K Prabagharan of Sri Lanka beat India’s Simarjeet Singh 2&1 in the 36 hole final of the 106th All India AmateurAkshay Butta and Raj Randhawa, both of India, made the semi’s with Ruan Botha of South Africa making the quarters as the only non-Asian.


2.18.07 Julian Etulain won the Campeonato Nac por Golpes (Argentina Stroke Am) by 2 over Estanslao Goya and by 5 shots over Alan Wagner, the latter two both 06 World Amateur team members for Argentina.  Those 3 were at least 7 shots clear of the rest of the field.


2.18.07 Tyrone Ferreira lapped the field by 10 shots in the Free State & Northern Cape Open Amateur in South Africa ending 2/18.


2.18.07 Aussie National Squader Rohan Blizard of NSW continued his stellar play from the NSW Am with a one shot victory over 07 Walker Cup candidate David Horsey of England in the Tasmanian Open ending 2/18.  The Tasmanian Open has pros but very few for this Aussie National Trial event.


2.11.07 Teen sensation Tadd Fujikawa strikes again at the Hawaii Pearl Open after stuffing an iron approach to a rude pin on the final hole for a tap in one shot victory over pro, Gregg Meyer of Hawaii who has won the event 4 times.  The Pearl Open is considered the second strongest field in Hawaii annually after the PGA Tour’s Sony Open.  Over 50 pros from Japan were in the field as well as several top amateurs from Japan.  06 US PubLinks Champion, Casey Watabu or Kauai finished T35 and top 100 ranked Yuki Ito of Japan finished T45.


2.11.07 Alvaro Ortiz of Costa Rica finished fourth in the Challenge Tour’s Costa Rica Open.  This followed his 14 shot victory the previous week in the Central American Amateur.


2.11.07 Inigo Urquizu of Spain prevailed over Anthony Pailler of France in the 36 hole final match of the Portuguese AmateurPedro Figueiredo of the host country was the medalist but failed to survive his first round of match.  Joao Carlota of Portugal and Matt Baldwin of England made the Semi’s.


2.11.07 Gary Wolstenholme of England finally won the New South Wales Amateur after several near misses over the years including a top 2 finish in stroke play the last 2 years and making the finals in 06.  He beat 06 Australian Am Champ and Aussie National Squader, Tim Stewart of NSW in the 07 final match.  07 Medalist, Steve Lewton also of England edged Rohan Blizard of NSW by a shot for medalist honors but failed to survive his first round of 32 match.  Aussies Scott Arnold and Danny An made the Semi’s.


2.04.07 Rory McIlroy of Ireland finished T52 in the Euro Tour Dubai Desert Classic while Ray Bayron of the Philippines finished T23 in the Philippines Open on the Asian Tour.  Unfortunately, neither finish garnered OWGR (pros) or SPWAR points relative to the field strengths of those events.  In both cases, it was close but "no cigar".  Rick Kulacz was the low amateur in the Victoria Open but his T21 finish was also outside SPWAR points awarded.


2.04.07 Luke List of Georgia and Gary Woodland of Kansas finished 5 shots clear of the star studded field at the Jones Cup in Sea Island, Georgia.  List’s final round 66 was one off the course record set by Woodland in the first round of the 54 hole event.  List prevailed on the first playoff hole with an up ‘n down par.  Rob Grube and Michael Thompson tied for third.


2.04.07 Louie de Jager opened as the leader with 64 in the Gauteng North Open Amateur and played steady thereafter for a comfy 3 shot victory over Dean O’RileyNorman Raad was third 4 shots back.


1.29.07 Top collegiate ranked USC Freshman and 06 AJGA First team All American, Jamie Lovemark had a T39 in the PGA Tour’s Buick Invitational at Torrey Pines near San Diego, CA.  This is Jamie’s second cut surviving finish in as many PGA Tour events after his T54 finish in the 06 Western Open; his spot therein due to winning the 05 Western Amateur.


1.29.07 Blake McGrory of Queensland, who had not previously finished "in the money" for points in any previous SPWAR event, survived a 3-hole playoff with Justin Roach of the NSW State team for the prestigious Lake Macquarie Amateur at Belmont GC in NSW, Australia.  Blake had to qualify to get in the field.  Roach’s runner up finish bobbed him up into the world top 100.  Craig Watson of Scotland finished third.


1.28.07 George Coetzee and Ruan Botha lapped the field by 14 & 11 shots respectively in the Kwa-Zulu Natal Open Amateur in South Africa.  Coetzee’s victory moved him up within the top 100 to #54.


1.21.07 Julien Guerrier, the 06 British Amateur Champion, finished T35 in the European Tour’s Abu Dhabi Championship in preparation for his last event as an amateur, the 07 Masters in early April. 


1.18.07 Justin Shine of Queensland won the inaugural Australian MidAmateur by one over Matthew Oldhan of Victoria.  Mid-Am for this event is age 30 to 54.


1.14.07 Teen sensation, Tadd Fujikawa of Hawaii moved into top 100 and top Hawaiian spot with his T20 in the PGA Tour’s Sony Open, the top finish in a PGA Tour event by a junior in 50 years.  The kid is hot and he just turned age 16; qualified for the US Open last summer.


1.13.07 Danny Lee successfully defended his title with a "no doubt about it" 11 shot pounding in the New Zealand U23 Individual Championship concluding on 1/13 with top ranked Kiwi, James Gill posting another top 5 finish at T2.  At age 16, Danny’s future is lookin’ good.


1.08.07 In the Dixie, Mu Hu of China attending school in Florida broke through for his first big win.  He prevailed by 3 shots over 06 AJGA First Team All American, Bud Cauley of Jacksonville, FL.


1.08.07 In the New Years Invitational, Major Manning of Georgia and a senior at Augusta State enjoyed a 3 shot victory over mid-am Alan Bratton, the 06 Oklahoma State Am Champ.  05 Champ, Jonathan Mount of Tennessee finished 5 back tied with Jon Curran of Massachusetts and Vanderbilt.  Defending Champ Luke List also at Vanderbilt was 6 back.

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