06 SPC Champion, Rhys Davies is from Wales so that patch is included where the USA flag would normally go for US Naval Aviators.

This flight jacket was made custom for 06 SPC Champion, Rhys Davies.  Designed from scratch patches for:

– 05 & 07 Walker Cup team

– 04, 05, 06 & 07 Palmer Cup team

– 04 & 06 World Amateur team

– 05, 06 & 07 First Team All American

– 07 Scratch Players Champion


Rhys turned pro right after the 07 Walker Cup matches and is currently on the Asian Tour.

Special thanks to "model" Fred Ferrogiarro who while his golf game is not at the scratch level, wins master or age level

swimming events and previous won in the 200 backstroke at the world championships in the under age 45 bracket. 

He also swims the the open sea race spanning the Golden Gate Bridge that he has won twice.  I needed a smaller,

athletic body to fit a size 40 jacket and Fred fit the bill although the chin hair has got to go.