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          Ranking as of August 24 of 2008
The Scratch Players World Amateur Ranking (SPWAR) is the most accurate ranking of amateurs in the history of golf and has been since its inception and will continue to be such at all times in the future.  The SPWAR is the only world or national ranking of amateurs recognized, officially or otherwise, by any major amateur tournament in the United States.  There are over a dozen "national level" amateur tournaments in the USA that use the SPWAR officially for exemptions/invitations into their events which includes the Western Amateur and Southern Amateur in addition to the California State Amateur, the largest state amateur in the world.

Additional SPWAR Facts:
 – first world amateur ranking ever seriously contemplated (starting in early 2004)
 – first world amateur ranking ever launched (January 12 of 2007)
 – largest ranking of golfers, pro or amateur, ever created (more events covered ever)
 – most timely updated ranking in golf history (ranking updated continuously)
 – ranking based on points awarded during the last 730 days (pts halved after year)

The SPWAR event weighting is "state of the art" and on the cutting edge verses any other ranking of golfers in the world, pro or amateur.  For any credible ranking of golfers at any level, event weighting is the absolute, irrefutable "bedrock" directly impacting individual player ranking more than any other variable.  Event weighting determines how many finish positions are assigned points and at what level.  For any golf tournament in the world, pro or amateur, event weighting in the SPWAR is "dynamic" in that it can ebb & flow annually based on any events field quality stats.  Event weighting in the SPWAR is based on:
 – who is in the starting field of any event (yields field quality stats)
 – how many scratch players started from the same tees
 – how many rounds, stroke and/or match, for the event
Field quality stats is the overwhelmingly dominant factor in determining event weighting.  It is based on how many top 500 world ranked amateurs are in any particular event as of the ranking just before the start of such event.  Furthermore, the value assigned to each player therein is "stratified" in that the higher a player is ranked, the more value such player is deemed to be for being in the field.

The confidence level of the SPWAR’s event weighting is such that a credible and accurate event ranking can be produced annually.  No other amateur event ranking ever attempted can even come close to the Scratch Players World Event Ranking.  Click below to view the most recent full year event ranking.