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          SPC News                                                                        
  SPGC Membership    

Go to the Scratch Players Golf Club page to join the SPGC-NCGA (associate golf club of the Northern California Golf Association) or to sign up to join other SPGC’s being established that will be affiliated with various GA’s, Federations and Unions worldwide.  You can become a member of any such SPGC without being a member of the SPG if your handicap is 3.9 or less. The annual dues cost is between $30 & $55 depending on which club you join.

  SPG Membership    

Go to the Application page as the SPG is now accepting membership applications on the updated, online application form (as of 11/05)

  Scratch Players Championship    

The sixth SPC is set for August 14 thru 17 of 2006 at Somerby GC in Minnesota.

Complete details on the SPC website at www.scratchplayers.org/SPC

  Scratch Players infomation email list    

Just want information and/or announcements specific to scratch players emailed to you?  Simply click here to email us and type "Scratch Email List" in the subject line.