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The SPG will conduct tournaments at scratch for any player irrespective of their SPG affiliation status. Conducting national level tournaments is a key objective of the SPG in the midst of the various endeavors of interest to its scratch player members. These events could include pros, amateurs, seniors and/or juniors within a variety  of  formats   anywhere   worldwide.



Once the SPG has established these championships, these events will be listed here with a link to each tournament’s "Home Page".  Information, results and/or entries specific to each such tournament can be obtained via the various pages within that event’s dedicated website.


All SPC championships will be hosted on ranked courses in the top 20 percentile of all courses at the bare minimum.  The focus for each event will be to conduct a quality tournament that is precision run with preferential entry fee costs and catering to the interests of the competitive, tournament scratch player.  Handicap eligibility will vary but the maximum threshold will never be above 3.5 for any SPG event.  In the event a SPG championship is conducted at a location where regional golf governing body player points eligibility is applicable, or any other medium of performance recognition, each such event will be positioned to attain such player points or


       recognition.  All events to date are granted regional golf association player points from at least one


    such governing golf body with the Scratch Players Championship (SPC), the SPG "flagship" event,


achieving the distinction of hosting the best amateur field in North America west of Michigan every year since & including 2002 (making it one of the top amateur championships worldwide).  Golfweek has increased amateur ranking points for the SPC to the same level as the US Mid-Amateur & Public Links among others for ’04 and thereafter.


SPG tournaments "on the drawing board" include an Open, Senior, Team, Women and Junior Championships in the United States and Australia. Once a tournament committee has been established for each such tournament and a venue secured, an announcement/press release will be distributed and the event will be posted here as a link to each such tournament’s website.


Scratch players who seek answers to related inquiries or who seek to have a SPG conducted scratch tournament in their area should contact the SPG via the link provided on the left.