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updated on 1/07    


The birth of the Scratch Players Group was rooted in a debate over which of two golf courses was the better track around 1997.  This debate ultimately evolved into a project that proved to be the most extensive, comprehensive and unbiased ranking of golf courses in Northern California & Northern Nevada ever undertaken (see 12/98 press release ).  In the midst of this exhaustive ranking project, personal, one-on-one feedback (market research if you will) was derived from hundreds of skilled golfers; club 3’s to Head Pros to Walker Cuppers to Tour players.


Based on the needs and desires of skilled players in conjunction with existing resources and organizations currently available to serve such players, a significant gap or "niche" remains that the SPG endeavors to fill.  Golf associations / federations / unions / tours have inherent limitations geographically, cater to all levels of player ability, are primarily obligated to serve their member clubs and/or pursue an agenda that is not primarily focused on the needs and wants of 99% of scratch players individually.  Furthermore, there has been no common communication medium dedicated to the scratch player anywhere in the world.  Finally, pertinent golf information available via print, radio, television or the internet is diverse, generally targeted to all golfers (conventional wisdom), of limited usefulness and/or overwhelming to the point of "overload shutdown".


Scratch players are a unique breed who have demonstrated the dedication, determination and discipline that have enabled them to achieve a level of skill that reflects their passion for the game and the pursuit of excellence. Virtually all scratch players respect the history and integrity of what most of us believe is the greatest game ever invented.  Consequently, there is a common bond that exists among the 250,000+ scratch players in the world that transcends social-economic class, professional/amateur status, ethnic background, political affiliation, religious beliefs, age, race, sex, sexual orientation and language.


The information age has evolved to the point where it is technologically feasible to deliver communication tools, linkage, information management and data consolidation specific to the interests of scratch players worldwide that is cost effective and user friendly.  We are acutely aware that scratch players desire to maximize their time actually playing the game; not wielding a mouse in front of a computer screen.  However, you normally do not play golf at work or at night!  Most scratch players worldwide have attain internet access and acquired the basic net navigation skills to take advantage of the information age.


The SPG was organized as a nonprofit organization (on 2/17/99) because it is by, for and primarily of scratch players for their specific and unique interests.  The members, through the Board of Directors, control every


 aspect of its being to the maximum extent allowable via applicable law.  The power and value of shared and/or


consolidated information, common interests and communication among scratch players should not be underestimated.



The SPG conducts the Scratch Players Championship (SPC) as a “flagship” endeavor based on the understanding that top level competition is the one thing of most interest to scratch players.  It is hoped that our commitment to excellence manifests itself in the prestige the SPC has earned to date as one of the top amateur fields in the world by any field  strength  measure  in  its  relatively  short  history  (see www.scratchplayers.org/SPC)

The SPC started from dead zero in November 2000 by hosting to best inaugural amateur


the Players Championship

of Amateur Golf


field in the history of California.  From there it grew faster to the position it now enjoys than any other amateur championship ever conducted annually west of the Mississippi River.  It currently hosts the the top amateur event in North America west of Michigan with an international field and is recognized by several governing body player point programs as well as being designated as a major point event by Golfweek and other credible governing bodies worldwide.  In 2005, the average contestant handicap of +2.35 was the lowest of any amateur tournament ever held in the State of California (home to more top players than all but a few countries worldwide) which has included several USGA amateur championships including US Amateurs.  This achievement was attained, in part, by striving for acute awareness of what world class tournament scratch amateurs seek in amateur competition at the highest level thereby earning the distinction as being, "the Players Championship of Amateur Golf".


The SPG has also conducted the Scratch Players Mid-Amateur (SPMA) since 2001.  For ’04 & ’05, the SPMA was conducted concurrently with the SPC but will likely break out as a stand alone event again in 2007 and thereafter.  There are many other SPG tournaments on the drawing board for the USA as well as internationally.  In the near future, a junior, senior and women’s events in the USA would be the most likely.  We’ll see how things go.



 world amateur ranking


To date, a large portion of the SPG’s time has been devoted to running the SPC, compiling the world’s first amateur ranking along with establishing some SPG related commercial endeavors.  The "Scratch Players World Amateur Ranking" was released on January 12 of 2007 and represents the most comprehensive and credible amateur ranking ever compiled anywhere in the world by far.


The member’s area of this site is vast but in need of upgrades and technology.  The SPG is also in the midst of "partnering" with various individuals and entities pursuant to objectives, one of which is website management.  Please bear with us during the reconstruction process.


The Bylaws of the SPG incorporate a mission statement that articulates the objectives of the organization but, ultimately, the members will determine how the SPG will evolve.  Change is certain but the focus on addressing the specific interests of scratch players will forever remain constant.