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    The Scratch Players Group is in the midst of establishing Associate/Affiliate Golf Clubs


or "league" (golf clubs without land) for membership with various golf associations throughout the Western US for the 2006 calendar year.  Membership in the Scratch Players Group (SPG) is not required as a condition of membership in any affiliated golf club.  However, golfers wishing to join a Scratch Players Golf Club or League (SPGC or SPGL) must generally meet the conditions that would otherwise apply to certain scratch players desirous in joining the SPG (handicap of 3.9 or less).


Clubs (or leagues) already established will appear to the right with the logo of the Golf Association to which it is affiliated.  In the event you are interested in signing up for an established club, proceed via the sign up sheet link above.


The primary benefit of membership in a SPGC (or league) shall be to allow members to play together in tournaments conducted by the SPGC, the SPG and/or the affiliated GA (like the State Amateur).  The issuance of USGA Handicap Indexes is a benefit of membership in any SPGC.


As stipulated by the USGA, there shall also be opportunities for members within each SPGC to play regularly together, gather socially and otherwise interact with one another.  All members will be provided a list of the other members and each member can contact another member via their particular SPGC.  Each SPGC will follow USGA Handicap System procedures in their entirety and any attempt by SPGC members to circumvent the "peer review" tenet of the USGA handicap system will be expelled from any SPGC membership.


The USGA has an established policy regarding such clubs that each USGA affiliated and authorized Handicap Index Administrator (golf association) is required to follow as it pertains to qualified Associate/Affiliate Golf Clubs or Leagues of any particular golf association (GA).  Since each member of such golf clubs or leagues is issued a USGA Handicap Index, such policy must be complied with to maintain the integrity of the USGA handicap system.  It might be a good idea to review such USGA Policy  prior to selecting a particular SPGC/L to join.


Each applicable golf association has a minimum member number requirement in order to establish an Associate/Affiliate golf club or league via such GA (usually 10 to 25 founding members).  Once such minimum member number requirement is timely met, each prospective SPGC member for such GA will be notified as to the procedure and cost to finalize their membership in such SPGC.  The cost to join any particular




SPGC/L varies from GA to GA.  However, as a general rule, the annual cost to each founding member is


projected to be the amount assessed by such GA for each member plus $5 to $10 depending on club affiliation


with other golf associations such as the Trans-Miss GA.  As an example, the NCGA (Northern California) assesses each Associate Golf Club a $20 one time, non-refundable set up fee and $25 for each member thereafter renewing annually ($6 for members under 18 years of age) plus a $10 one time initiation fee for each "first time" NCGA member.  Consequently, each founding, non-junior member of the SPGC-NorCal would be billed $35 annually for such membership plus $10 the first year for SPGC members affiliating with the NCGA for the first time.  The extra $10 annually goes towards each SPGC-NCGA member’s affiliation with the TMGA.


Each SPGC/L shall have Officers; usually a President, Treasurer & Handicap Chairman.  Officers in each SPGC/L must be members of the SPG and as such will be exempt from any annual dues of the SPG. 


Scratch players who wish to join a SPG affiliated golf club or league should proceed to the SPGC sign up sheet by clicking the link at the top of this page.


Questions? …….. click here to send us an email