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To sign up for a USA based Scratch Players Golf Club (SPGC or League) for the current membership year, or any future year, please submit the following form.  For clarification, membership in any subsidiary golf club of the Scratch Players Group (SPG) does not mean one would also be a member of the SPG.  Click the Application link to the left for those seeking to join the SPG.



There are over 140 golf associations (GA’s) in the USA affiliated with the USGA that are authorized to administer Handicap Indexes for their affiliated club members.  Of those, about 52 are the ones primarily involved in conducting men’s state amateur championships in their state. 

The SPG will only form clubs affiliated with such GA’s and among those, only the GA’s that allow "landless", affiliated or associate clubs.


In cases where a particular SPGC club is sought that does not currently exist, we accommulate a list of players until a minimum number of such players is met to form such club.  When there are enough players to form a SPGC with a particular GA, all such players will be notified to forward their first year dues to the SPG.


Questions or Issues?

Email us at spg@scratchplayers.org



First Name                      Last Name  


City           State         Country  

if in college, include residence when not in school described as your hometown


Email Address        Telephone  

must be current, valid, working & un-blocked       include area code & country code if outside USA


Current Golf Association Affliation        Handicap Number  

                    acronym (initials) is acceptable                    entering actual handicap will not work


Current College Student?        If so, Where?


SPGC you seek to join (type state or Golf Association)  


What Year do you want this membership to apply?  


Interested in serving as a Club Officer dues and cost free?  

Serving as an SPGC/L Officer requires meeting SPG membership eligibility standards.  As a SPGC Officer, you will be admitted as a "Class A" Member of the SPG in addition to your SPGC membership.  Dues and other duty requirements of SPG and the applicable SPGC membership dues will be waived for as long as you serve in such capacity.  If applicable, Charter member status in the SPG is retained when and if you cease serving as a SPGC/L Officer as long as you serve in such capacity for, at least, one SPGC/L membership year. 

If you do not choose No, you will be contacted.


if submitted successfully, you will automatically be forwarded to the SPG Home Page

clicking this button erases/clears all data you entered