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          Profile Entry Bylaws                                                            
        © Scratch Players®Group, all rights reserved    


Review the SPG Bylaws summary below.  Click any red Article description to read the text therein of interest.  Return to the summary via your mouse’s right click feature or via the navigation links on the Bylaw text page.  You may print a copy of the SPG Bylaws for your records by using one of these versions>        HTML         PDF  (must have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer)

  The following summary is general in description and not a substitute for the Bylaws    


Organization & Principal Office  Article I & II

Scratch Players™Group is SPG, § 501(c)(7) nonprofit Corp headquartered in San Francisco, CA, USA 


Purpose  Article III

is by, of and primarily for scratch players to pursue their mutual interests with mission statement


Definitions  Article IV

Board, TH, website, intranet, IEM, applicable law, scratch player, media, pro, class A, ED


Membership Classification, Eligibility, Benefits & Obligations  Article V

  • Life Member – Hall of Fame, certain Directors, dues exempt members, Board approved exceptions
  • Regular Member – age 18+ & under 4.0 handicap with one or more tournament scores
  • Senior Member – age 50+ & under 5.5 handicap with one or more tournament scores
  • Junior Member  – under 18 & under 4.0 handicap with one or more tournament scores
  • Associate Member – age 18+ & under 10 handicap one or more tournament scores (not currently available)
  • Charter Designation to Membership – first 999 members lock in initial membership dues for life
  • Membership Benefits & Privileges determined by Bylaws & Board and disclosed on website
  • Membership Dues, Duties & Obligations – determined by Bylaws & Board and disclosed on website 


Admission, Renewal & Resignation of Members  Article VI

  • Membership Admission & Application – complete app, course profile, credit data, rare exemptions
  • Complaint IIntegrity/Unbecoming Conduct issue of applicant alleged by existing member
  • Procedure on Complaint – admission suspended if filed timely, app investigatable if complaint
  • Membership Renewal – automatic annually to highest qualified membership class if dues paid timely
  • Resignation of Membership – quit anytime if no SPG debts or pending legal action


Government  Article VII

  • Annual Meetings – one scheduled SPG meeting annually, nominate Directors, Hall of Fame voting, etc.
  • Special Meetings – called by Board or 5%+ of members for specific matters via website media
  • Notice of Meeting – procedures for who, when, why, where, how regarding SPG member meetings
  • Quorum & Voting only Board members vote & only if 75% of them are present
  • Adjourned Meeting – rules for postponed SPG meetings to later date within 45 days


Board of Directors  Article VIII

  • Powers – manage & control SPG, prescribe & enforce rules / procedures, determines benefits/duties
  • Duties – records, membership, website maintenance, disclosure, enforcement, supervision, SPG purpose
  • Number & Term – 9 after 2000, 10 as membership gets into 1000’s, generally 3 year terms
  • Eligibility – member 3 years, more than third of time SPG has existed, or via  Board consent
  • Nominating Procedure – 3 by nom. committee, 2 max by members, international & youth requirement
  • Election Incumbent Board votes at annual SPG meeting, votes counted by non-Board member
  • Vacancies – procedure for replacing Directors who resign, die, are removed, or become disqualified
  • Meetings – via various media and/or physical location; 2/3 present for quorum or unanimous via email
  • Compensation – no salary for acting as Director
  • Removal – removed on vote of 3/4th of Board if 2+ no-shows, unbecoming conduct or integrity breach


Officers  Article IX

  • Election of Officers – President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer by Board vote; Executive Director appointed
  • President control outside of meetings, signs, appoints chairs, presides, annual "State of SPG" report
  • Vice President – created after 2500th member year, appoints committee persons, assists President
  • Secretary – maintains membership data, minutes & seal, publishes notices, official correspondence
  • Treasurer – asset control, membership accounts, tax compliance & financial statements responsibility
  • Executive Director – Board retained to run SPG with powers, duties, responsibilities delegated by Board
  • Vacancies & DQ – vacancy filling procedures & disqualification upon unanimous vote of other Directors


Committees  Article X

  • Standing & Nonstanding – permanent committees below or others temporarily created by President
  • Course Ranking – conducts & press releases Board approved scratch player course rankings
  • Finance – chaired by Treasurer overseeing insurance, benefits, investments & other financial matters
  • Hall of Fame – drafts induction qualifications & press releases, conducts candidate searches
  • Member Duties – ED chaired to monitor & coordinate member duty commitments & related activities
  • Membership – chaired by Secretary, handles membership admission, issues & growth strategy
  • Section President chaired to monitor & coordinate governing activities of geographic Section Captains
  • Social – golf / social gatherings, functions, events, monitor membership interests
  • Tournament – conducts SPC & other SPG tournaments, tournament schedule & database
  • Website – oversees development & maintenance of website, updates content & capability


Compensation, Expenses, Dues, Fees & Assessments  Article XI

Compensation & expenses to members OK if for SPG upon Board approval; dues determined by Board, no refunds if discipline termination; fees for tourney entry, data acquisition, guests; assessments only with Board approval at SPG membership meeting without membership objection.


Discipline  Article XII

  • Unbecoming Conduct – reprimand, suspension or expulsion for various bad actions or behavior
  • Breach of Integrity – lying & certain legal background track record has adverse consequences
  • Failure to Pay – automatic suspension for outstanding debts/dues over 30 days unless exempt
  • Failure to Maintain TH / Pro Status – membership terminated or class automatically changed
  • Summary Suspension – until suspected unbecoming conduct or lying addressed at Board meeting
  • Complaint – protocol for complaining about another member & subject member rights
  • Procedure on Complaint – accused hearing option, timely notice & limits, Board action final
  • Good Standing – can’t hold office, be on Board or Committee if debts or discipline action
  • Membership Termination – no longer qualify, resign, dead, expelled


Adoption, Amendment, Repeal of Bylaws  Article XIII

Most of Bylaws can be amended upon  vote of Board with some provisions amendable only with unanimous Board consent; all subject to objection by class A members at SPG meeting as may be called; all with posting requirements & lapse of 45+ days before such amendments & repeals can take effect.


Indemnity of Directors  Article XIV

SPG indemnifies Board, ED & maybe others against alleged actions via insurance or otherwise


Affiliated Organizations  Article XV

Board authority for related nonprofits but prohibited from for-profit activities without certain conditions


Property of the SPG  Article XVI

No member shall have any ownership interest in SPG; if dissolution, assets to another 501(c); only name, club or city/county, & membership class on website directory & no spam or junk mail


Application of Law Article XVII

  • California Law & Severance – California law controls worldwide members, non-defective provisions apply
  • Jurisdiction – SPG members bound by California Jurisdiction, no SPG legal remedy restrictions worldwide
  • Arbitration & Prevailing Party – members agree to AAA arbitration outside Board jurisdiction, loser pays
  • Intellectual Property Rights – SPG owns or has rights to property, only members can use it as intended
  • Disclaimer – if it did not come from SPG, SPG has no liability for it to any member


Miscellaneous Provisions  Article XVIII

  • Member Responsibilities – website navigation ability, know & print Bylaws/rules, no discrimination
  • Records & Reports – no documents provided by SPG unless Board approved or required by law, inspection of books & minutes at SPG office by member or attorney OK with notice, financial statements & CPA report due within 120 days after 8/31 year end
  • Certain Transactions & Indemnifications disclosure requirements of certain SPG related activities with directors or another "interested person" or of certain loans, guaranties, indemnifications to/for directors 


Bylaws Appendix

Certain provisions & sections of SPG Bylaws are scheduled to be automatically amended or repealed when outdated or no longer necessary for Bylaws to operate as intended


 The aforesaid summary is general in description and not a substitute for the Bylaws 


Articles of Incorporation

Incorporated to pursue the mutual interests of scratch golfing members on 2/17/99 by Fred Solomon  Certificate of Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation Founding Directors & terms, year 2000 Officers, adopt Bylaws


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