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Eligible Amateurs



The Scratch Players Championship (SPC) is primarily an exempt player event for amateur golfers ranked among the top 300 worldwide.

Non-exempt amateurs with a USGA Handicap Index of +0.1 or less are eligible to qualify for the SPC (see Qualifying details below).

           note the average player start field Handicap Index every year since 02 has been +2.00 or better with no player in any such field without a plus Index

No player in the history of the event has ever survived to the final round without a plus Index  (or international equivalent)




Exempt Players    Need an exemption but none apply below? ….. complete request form via Contacts page



Any amateur who meets one or more of the following categories is exempt from qualifying for the 2010 SPC:


 (points/ranking exemptions at receipt of entry or entry deadline, whichever is better):


notice – any collegiate player with any current collegiate ranking of 1000

or worse trumps all exemptions.  In other words, if ones current collegiate ranking

is 1000 or worse, they are not eligible for any exemptions from qualifying.

Scratch Players Group Tournament Exemptions    

  Prior Finish in the Scratch Players Championship  (top 10 in 09 plus low-mid, not held in 08, top 2 in 07, 06 Champion)
        Dodge Kemmer     Sihwan Kim     David Chung     Kevin Tway     Cameron Peck     Armando Zarlenga     Andrew Yun     James Back

        Talor Gooch     John Hurley     Austin Graham     Jason Scrivener     Alan Bratton     Rick Kulacz     Mu Hu     Rhys Davies

                   (those in gray are known to have turned pro as of January of 10)

  Prior Finish in the Scratch Players Mid-Amateur (Finalists in 09)

        Bradley Kropp      Chris Marin



  Prior Finish in the Scratch Players Senior Amateur



notice – exemption categories have been significantly reduced & simplified as the Scratch Players World Amateur Ranking (SPWAR) covers all possible events of any significance anywhere in the world.  That means USA collegiate golf is completely covered anywhere in any possible division.  Any other possible medium one could play at any age is also covered within the most accurate ranking of amateurs in golf history.


The only possible exception is for juniors and others exempt for the current US Amateur which is why those exemption criteria remain.  For any human being alive not meeting stipulated exemption criteria, they must either submit a request for an exemption or enter to qualify if eligible (Index of +0.1 or better).


Amateur  Ranking  &  Distinction  Exemptions  click any linked text below for more detail


Top 300 in Scratch Players World Amateur Ranking at time of entry (no other world am rankings considered)

Member of a Walker Cup and/or Top 5 World Amateur Team since 2003

anyone exempt for the 2010 US Amateur



Junior Ranking & Distinction Exemptions   click any linked text below for more detail


  AJGA 09 First Team All-Americans if Top 500 in SPWAR at time of entry

Top 10 on at least two of the three following rankings if Top 500 in SPWAR at time of entry:

Golfweek Boys

Polo Junior (AJGA)

Junior Scoreboard




Tournament Committee Merit Exemptions  (for other "scratch players of note")





Qualifying      noteMake certain that you thoroughly understand the conditions hereinafter before submitting an entry to qualify.



Simplified SPC qualifying procedure (with rare exceptions):

a) get completed hardcopy SPC qualifier entry form & $30 entry payment delivered by the entry deadline

b) qualify for the 2010 US Amateur which also qualifies for SPC

c) send in $220 entry fee balance due by 8/9/10 if qualify


This method of qualifying significantly reduces the cost and time committed to conducting independent qualifying & facilitates player convenience by providing a way to "kill two birds with one stone" with their limited time & resources. 

No golf entity worldwide has more experience in conducting tournament qualifying than the USGA & affiliated GA’s and utilizing this means of qualifying enables virtually any eligible player in the USA the opportunity to conveniently qualify for the SPC close to home.


Qualifying Detail

You are not eligible to qualify unless you have a credible Handicap Index of +0.1 or better – no exceptions.

 note    no player without a plus Index (or international equivalent) has survived to the final round of any SPC ever



All incomplete SPC qualifier entries are not accepted.  All accepted SPC qualifier entries are website posted off the “Contestants & Times” page no later than the date of receipt or prior to the entry deadline, whichever is later.  If your qualifier entry is not posted by such time, it was not received or not accepted.  Qualifier entry fees ($30) become non-refundable after the entry deadline whether such qualifier entered the US Amateur timely or not.



Non-exempt entrants seeking to qualify for the SPC shall also be entered to qualify for the ’10 US Amateur with about 90 eligible qualifying sites nationwide from about 7/20 to 8/6.  Any US Amateur qualifying site ending after 8/6 is not eligible.  Five maximum SPC qualifying spots are available if qualify for the 2010 US Amateur at the Chambers Bay on August 21-29 (see detail below).



A maximum of 5 spots in the SPC are available via US Amateur qualifying based on the SPC qualifier entrant’s performance in such US Amateur qualifying.  All such Amateur qualifiers who have timely entered to qualify for the SPC must qualify for the US Amateur to remain eligible to qualify for the SPC.  In the event more than 5 SPC US Amateur qualifiers make the US Amateur championship field, first in are all such US Amateur qualifying medalists, then the balance of the 5 total spots are determined by finish position as a percentage of such qualifying fields including ties.  (As an example, an applicable SPC qualifier who finishes third in a start field of 86 players would have a priority position over another such qualifier at another site who finished third in a start field of 77 players.)  If no more than 5 SPC US Amateur qualifiers actually qualify for the US Amateur field, all such qualifiers make the SPC field.  If less than 5 SPC qualifiers actually qualify for the US Am, only those who qualify make the SPC field with the balance of the allocated spots going first to exempt SPC entrants who may be on a waiting list.  SPC qualifier entrants who qualify for the US Amateur but did not finish in the top 5 of all SPC qualifier entrants will be treated as exempt entrants on the waiting list.

note US Amateur entry deadline is July 7th  (the SPC is not affiliated with, or endorsed by, the USGA or US Amateur)







      SPC qualifiers must submit a SPC entry that it is received at the San Francisco address before the applicable first day of US Amateur qualifying without exception.  In other words, you can not play in US Amateur qualifying first, then enter the SPC after the fact claiming you met the qualifying standard.  It does not matter that you would have qualified based on any year(s) performance.  It only matters how one does in any applicable qualifying venue after a SPC qualifier’s entry is received.  Furthermore, you must designate the specific eligible location of your US Amateur qualifying site (preferably the city and not the course)If the SPC receives a qualifier entry without the eligible location of such players designated US Amateur qualifying site, such entry will not be accepted no exceptions.  Again, an "eligible" US Am qualifying site is any ending before August 7 The SPC Tournament Committee is no longer going to engage in any time consuming activity to "perfect" your qualifying entry nor are we going to search the results of all 100 US Amateur qualifying site results nationwide to determine if you made it  (in other words, don’t assume we assume you are qualifying close to your home or college address)

Contact the SPC Tournament Chairman for any clarification on SPC qualifying.  If you do not seek such clarification, it is assumed that you fully understand all matters pertaining to SPC qualifying and any subsequent excuse for failure to comply is irrelevant.  Successful SPC qualifiers will be notified via email or phone immediately after qualifying to forward entry fee balance due by 8/9/10  ($30 to enter qualifying plus $200 more equals total entry fee of $230) Any SPC qualifier failing to pay their balance due by 8/9 will be deemed to have withdrawn and their spot will be immediately filled from the exempt waiting list.


Alternates are, first, excess exempt entries received (after first 85) prior to the entry deadline, then players failing to qualify by one stroke and so on.  Alternate priority into the SPC will otherwise be determined based on the alternate’s tournament track record.  The Tournament Committee (TC) decisions on SPC selections due to alternate ties are final.