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        Full Size Profile Example   Profile Entry                                                

A "Course Profile" is strategy text & other descriptive data submitted

(and updated subsequently as necessary) by each class "A" member for the particular golf course they elect to profile upon admission to the SPG.


The Course Profile provides a concise data format with strategies specific to scratch players (by scratch players who know the course), that is available free to all other class "A" SPG members via a searchable database in the member's area.


Each Course Profile prints out on one letter size page that can be folded in fourths without creasing text and conveniently fits in a back pocket or clips on a cart.  It includes a score card thereby eliminating the need to have one.  It is all you need for contact data, directions and when playing an unfamiliar course as all scratch players do from time to time.



Click link at top of page or the mini-profile example above to see a profile in its actual size (.pdf file).