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07 Contestants should contact the SPC Chairman with their morning or afternoon shotgun "wave" preference and/or which other SPC contestant they prefer to play with in each foursome.  Allotment for each wave is on a "first come, first get" basis.

Del Rio CC will determine which member will be paired with which SPC contestant to complete each foursome depending, in part, on wave and pairing preferences of SPC contestants for this day.  While the "Member" participants will be primarily members of Del Rio CC, such participants may include prospective members, golf media or club selected guests; all with current Indexes of 18 or less.  Inquiries pertaining to "Member" participants should be directed to the Del Rio CC General Manager.


SPC “Hospitality Hour” starts at 6:30pm 

Member/Am Dinner starts about 7:30pm

both in the Del Rio Clubhouse


Attire recommended for Member/Am Dinner is "resort casual" and players are reminded that locker and shower facilities are available to all SPC contestants at the club.  "Right off the course" golf attire and tennis shoes are not acceptable but coat & tie is not required.  The Member/Am dinner is for participating SPC contestants and Del Rio members/guests only.


It is highly recommended that all SPC contestants participant in the Member/Am as there will be no practice round tee times available otherwise.  Additionally, the Member/Am dinner that night starts at 7:30 and is for Member/Am participants only.

An additional complementary practice round on Sunday, 8/12 will be available to SPC contestants once they have physically arrived at the course at the discretion of Del Rio CC contingent on tee time availability after members have taken tee times on their course.  Do not call the club ahead of time to book a tee time reservation as that will not be allowed.  You must get there first, then get a tee time as available at that moment of arrival.


SPC Contestants


Del Rio Members (or invited guests)


Almstrom, Victor

Barnsley, Jesse

Beaulfils, Ray

Beck, Brandon

Becker, Nick

Brown, Zen

Buccolo, Bruno

Edick, Brian

Flores, Erik

Gatto, CJ

Gibson, Rhein

Gill, James

Grube, Rob

Hu, Mu

Jensen, Chris

Jensen, Michael

Justesen, Erick

Lee, James

Long, Adam

Main, Gregor

McKenney, Tim

Ogren, Mark

Quagliano, Michael

Shuart, TJ

Trimble, Blake

Uihlein, Peter

Younan-Wise, Jake

Ziegler, Steve






SPC Contestants


Del Rio Members (or invited guests)


Bortis, Matt

Cross, Randal

Locke, Brian

Nagle, Pat



Kirk, Bing (Ambassador)