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HorseSkins is an ancillary, fun side event to be held at the host venue on Wednesday right after the SPC contestants remaining have completed their 3rd round of the tournament but before the time that the SPC cut score to make the final round is determined.  It is open to all SPC contestants, members of the SPC Tournament Committee, host pro shop staff and to any host venue members who express their paid intention to participate.  All such HorseSkins players known in advance will be assigned SPC tee times on Tuesday of the SPC so that their tournament round is completed as soon as possible prior to the start of the HorseSkins event.




Format & Rules Summary



· all eligible players each "buy in" for $40 cash before start.
· all eligible players not in by start can get in before conclusion of first hole but must add $2 for each shot played  prior to

such player’s buy in point (as example, waiting until 11 others have started would cost an additional $22 or $66 to get in at that point).

· a pre-determined series of “par 2’s” to greens near the clubhouse are played until 6 or fewer contestants remain.
· once 6 or fewer “Horseskinners” remain, play continues off the 10th tee and progresses hole-by-hole thereafter.

· lone low score on any hole (par 2’s or otherwise) wins a "Skin" (Skin Game factor with no Skin if low score tied).
· any player not within one shot of lowest score on any hole is eliminated (Horse Race factor).
· any player incurring a rules penalty is eliminated (unplayable, OB, lost ball, water, etc per SPC Rules & Conditions).
· anything “in the leather” (within 18” of the cup) on any hole is “good” (applicable player does not have to putt it)

· play continues until 3 "Skins" are won, one player remains or 9 holes are completed (par 2’s are counted as a “hole”).
· if two or more players remain after the 9th hole, a "chip off" at that hole determines the last "Skin".
· buy in “pot” is divided by the number of "Skins" won (1 to 3 total Skins possible).
· player with most "Skins" (money won) is declared the "HorseSkins Champion".
· SPC contestants wagering on other players, Calcutta’s, pari-mutuels, auction pools, or the like are prohibited.
· carts are permitted but not provided.
· kibitzing, needling, chatter and drinking is permitted except during each contestant’s set up thru shot contact.

· additional format and rules details will be provided at the Players Dinner on Monday




Amateur Status Consequences



The SPG requested and received an advance ruling from the USGA regarding the consequences to an amateur’s continuing status as an amateur should they participate in this specific event.  The conditions and format under which the HorseSkins event will be conducted complies with the USGA’s ruling, the Rules of Amateur Status and specifically their Policy on Gambling.  It is irrelevant if professionals participate with amateurs.  The USGA email ruling copy is available for review upon request.




Sign Up Procedure



The field for the HorseSkins event will be open to enter at any time from player registration through the completion of the first hole.  Only cash is accepted (no checks, credit cards, barter or IOU’s).  Detail questions will be addressed at the Players Dinner.  Those who may desire to participate should contact the SPC Tournament Chairman via the contact link above with any questions.  Advanced contact should also be made to establish SPC tee time preferences that do not conflict with the start of the HorseSkins.