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All SPMA / SPG inquiries, clarifications and questions should be directed via the following (not available during the tournament):


Tournament Director

  Fred Solomon  


  415.614.0322 (office)  


  click here  


  1133 Taylor St, San Francisco, CA, 94108


  All venue inquiries, clarifications & questions should be directed via the following:  

Head Pro

  Ted Antonopoulos    
  Telephone   707.569.2915 (pro shop)  



1240 Mayacama Club Dr, Santa Rosa, CA 95252


  All SPMA inquiries, clarifications and questions during the tournament regarding shuttles, problems, tee times, pairings or any other matter pertaining to the event during the tournament only should be directed via the SPMA “Hotline” cell phone as follows:   

SPMA "Hotline" cell




Contact information for the SPMA "Tournament Housing Site" is on the "Lodging" page via the link to the left. 


  Invitation Request    

The SPMA is an “Invitational” and primarily utilizes identifiable invitation criteria for entry so that players meeting any such website posted criteria can simply enter the tournament as "invited" without proceeding through the process of requesting an invitation.  Notwithstanding that we maintain a current and extensive database on mid-amateur players worldwide encompassing regional amateur, national and international performance track records, we recognize there are always going to be those that “slip through the cracks” off our “radar screen” or have situations particular to them that would warrant favorable consideration for inclusion in the field.  Consequently, if one does not meet any one of the wide array of invitation criteria as stipulated on the "Eligibility" webpage of this website linked above but is, say, close to being automatically invited on multiple criteria, then such player would have a good chance to get in via an invitation.


When submitting an Invitation Request, keep in mind that we only reply to such requests via email.

A written request (cover letter) or email request must include the following for the requesting player:

·   First and Last name (if different than as you wish to be identified, then provide such "nickname" or otherwise)

·   Birthdate  (age 30 to 54 as of tournament start day & included in player program; provide birthdate with month first, then day, then year)

·   Mailing address including postal code (Zip Code in the USA)

·   Hometown (current or otherwise as you consider to be from)

·   School (include college graduation year)

·   Telephone number  (preferably a cell # as a cell # is the only phone # we have on record during the tournament)

·   Email address  (if different than emailed request address)  an email address is required for a response

·   Head Shot Photo (if email request, attach .jpg photo; if written, provide link to website where such photo can be found)

·   GHIN or Handicap Number (do not provide handicap; GHIN #’s are 6 or 7 digits with international #’s of varying digits)

·   Golf Association/Union/Federation affiliation (such as the SCGA, TGA, QGU, FMG, EGU, NYSGA, FFG, WSGA, AGA, etc)

·   Primary or Home Club (to be listed in Player Program)


A Golf Resume of Accomplishments must accompany a written request or be attached to an email request.

Click here for an example format of a Golf Resume of Accomplishments.  Please make sure your accomplishments submitted are accurate (if tied for a particular event finish, state so accurately).  All resumes are verified on at least a sample basis if not thoroughly.


Invitation request consideration terminates for anyone submitting “inflated” resume data – no exceptions (this would indicate a “fatal flaw” in integrity).  You should provide golf accomplishments in one line “bullet” mode and a minimum of 10 golf accomplishment highlights must be provided to be considered for a merit exemption (see format of a Player Profile linked from the SPC Contestants page or to the right).  All written resumes submitted must have at least 10 significant accomplishments in the same one line bullet format.  All such track record data will also be used for compiling your bio for the SPMA Player Program should you be granted such an invitation.

MISKELL,  Terrence         

New Braunfels, TX     Dos Rios GC     age 39

USC Alumni

#90 Golfweek Amateur Ranking (as of 8/7)

’06 US Am Qualifier  &  US PubLinks Match Play

’06 Southern Am T10  &  Texas State Am T2

’05 USGA State Team Individual Champion

’05 Texas GA Player Points – #2 (195)

’05 USPL 16’s, US Mid-Am 32’s & qual Medalist

’05 US Amateur Qualifying Medalist

’04 Texas GA  +  ’90 & ’86 NCGA Player of the Year

’90 US PubLinks Finalist  &  NCGA Am Champion

’90 Pacific Coast Amateur Champion

’86 California State Amateur Champion


Invitation requests received will only be confirmed via email so make sure the email provided to us is your personal, valid and current email address (current thru March of 08) that you check on a timely basis (we don not provide your email address to any third parties without your expressed permission).  You will be notified as to your status via email or telephone before mid-March in virtually all cases for those remaining in consideration of an Invitation.


As a guideline (not a requirement), those requesting an Invitation should meet at least one of following criteria as applicable:

·   An "all T" Handicap Index of +2.0 or better would be viewed very favorable  (if all scores posted after 2005)  click here for example

·   If primarily play regional events, provide current track record in those that get golf assn/fed/union player points

·   More weight is given to ones track record within the last 14 months and very little weight  if track record is over 5 years ago


It is important that those requesting an Invitation are aware that the SPMA is not a “starter” tournament to get “experience” for other scratch events or otherwise.  We do not consider “potential” or respond favorable to those who state that if they get in, they will play well irrespective of track record.  We admire confidence but focus on one’s existing and recent tournament track record in significant men’s events as the sole determinant as to expected playing ability.  We do not discriminate based on gender, ethnicity, religious affiliation, sexual orientation or any other criteria other than golf performance track record in men’s events.  In order for your request to be considered, a “Golf Resume of Accomplishments” should be submitted and received by the TC on or before 3/1/12 via email attachment or in writing to the San Francisco mailing address.   Your email request must include a telephone number (cell # preferred) to reach you prior to the tournament.  A written request (cover letter) must include a valid and working email address.  All subsequent tournament related communications from us are via email with telephone contact utilized as may be needed.


The Tournament Director will review the Invitation Requests received and maintain a log pertaining thereof.  We reserve the right to grant invitations to as many eligible mid-amateur players to participate in the SPMA as the Tournament Committee deems appropriate.  The SPC reserves the right to approve or reject any Invitation Requests at any time for any reason.  The number of such requests granted invitations will depend, in part, on the number of automatic invite player entries otherwise received by the entry deadline.  All decisions on Invitation Requests are final.