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Notice – contestants should email the SPMA a current head shot photo (or photo from which a quality head shot photo can be cropped), for inclusion in the SPMA Player Program and website posted player profiles.


If a recent head shot photo is currently available on the internet, email the SPMA the webpage address where such photo can be found.

  Player profiles are provided via the links below :  
  '07 Player Profiles


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If a contestant has specific preferences (or changes) regarding championship tee times, pairings, housing, shuttles as well as other information to be included in the SPMA Player Program, procede to the SPC Online Entry Preferences webpage.

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  Tee Times & Pairings


  Practice Round  < click to  view  sign  up  sheet  
  Contestants make their own practice round pairings & tee times directly with the tournament site pro shop.


  Tournament Play    

10 minute threesome tee times and pairings for the first round of the SPMA will be posted five days prior to the start.  Tee times for the second stroke round will start in the morning.  Entrants desirous in securing certain tee times, and/or to be paired close to certain other contestants during the first round, should state such requests on, or with, the SPMA entry.  The SPMA Tournament Director will attempt to accommodate all such requests as we have done in all past SPG events keeping in mind that no more than two "pals" are paired in the same threesome.


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