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Entry Options, Fees, Inclusions, Deadlines, etc










SPMA entries shall be via online registration entries with credit card payment.  Hardcopy entry forms are available only upon request.   Fax and telephone entries are not applicable or accepted.


Click HERE to request a hardcopy entry form.  Online entry available by mid-January.




Online Entry only for those invited and/or meeting invitation criteria


Invitees click the flaping flag link to right to enter online via PayPal credit card payment.  Invitees are those in receipt of an invitation to enter the SPMA or those otherwise meeting SPMA invitation criteria as website posted via the "Eligibility" link to the left.  Click HERE for 2012 SPMA Rules & Conditions.


  Entry Confirmation & Acceptance Information    

All entries received and accepted will be posted via the Contestants & Tee Times page of this site within 48 hours of receipt or within a month of the tournament, which ever is later.  All entrants will receive email confirmation of receipt.


Entrants without working email addresses need to check the website acceptance list for confirmation.  Once your entry has been accepted and your place in the field is assured, subsequent communications pertaining to the SPC will be via email and/or website postings only.

  Entry Fee & Inclusions  

The entry fee is $300 and must accompany the completed entry for all players.

The entry fee for players in the SPMA field includes:

 · crystal trophy to the Champion & Runner Up

 · Player Program & contestant merchandise gifts (tee prizes provided at Player Registration)

 · merchandise prizes to any player making the Quarter-finals

 · all green fees for tournament play plus a practice round the day preceding the tournament start

 · complimentary airport and accommodation shuttle service (free; private vans, SUV’s & auto’s)

 · HorseSkins event on Thursday afternoon (contingent on interest, see HorseSkins page on SPC site)

 · member caddie fees for those electing to retain one ($75 plus tip per round retained)

 · buffet breakfast at host venue for remaining contestants Friday, Saturday & Sunday

 · lunch at host venue for remaining contestants each weekend day of the Championship

 · SPMA "Players Hospitality Suite" (at hotel) with complimentary beverages & snacks

 · other to be determined


    Entry Deadline & Withdrawals    

The entry deadline is SPG "receipt of" by 5PM on February 29 of 12 for all entrants (postmark irrelevant) or until the field is full, whichever is sooner.  Fax and telephone entries are not accepted.  All entries received by the entry deadline (or until the field is full) are subject to acceptance by the Tournament Committee (TC).  The first 45 entries received are assured a place in the SPMA if otherwise accepted by the TC.  Players withdrawing subsequent to entry must notify the TC promptly as withdrawals on or before March 11 may incur a $20 withdrawal refund processing fee, after March 11 incur a $100 withdrawal refund processing fee with entrants withdrawing after March 15 forfeiting their entry fee.

Promptly notify the TC of withdrawals at 415.614.0322 or via email at group -at- scratchplayers.org.  Entry fee checks are deposited on the applicable deadline date for all entrants accepted into the Championship field (all other entrant checks are returned prior to the tournament). Consequently, post-dating of entry fee checks to the entry deadline is acceptable.  Online entries are processed immediately & automatically at time of entry.  Online entrants accepted into the Championship, as well as those withdrawing will receive their applicable refund within a week after the event ends.