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Eligible Amateurs

  The Scratch Players Mid-Amateur Championship (SPMA) is for amateur golfers age 30 to 54 (mid-am) as of the start of the event meeting stipulated invitation criteria below.  Invitatations may otherwise be extended to mid-amateurs based on a "Golf Resume of Accomplishments" submitted to the Tournament Director via Contacts page options.



There are no exemptions for the SPMA as there is no qualifying.



The first 45 eligible entries received prior to the entry deadline are assured a spot in the SPMA field.

See the Entry Options webpage for other related information.

Invitation Criteria  

Eligible mid-amateurs who meets one or more of the following categories is automatically invited to the SPC:
(points/ranking exemptions at receipt of entry or 4/1/08, whichever is better):



Scratch Players Group Tournaments

  Prior Finish in the Scratch Players Championship  (posted 54 hole score in 10 or 72 hole score in 09)
      Eric Hanson      Alan Bratton


  Prior Finish in the Scratch Players Mid-Amateur (09 Medalist & Quarter-Finalists if under age 55 amateur for 12)

      Brad Kropp      Mark Knecht      Bruce Hanavan      Joe Sanders      Dennis Kavelman      Randy Haag            



Amateur Ranking, Events & Distinctions    click any linked text below for more exemption detail


Top 500 in Scratch Players World Amateur Ranking (the primary benchmark for tournament invitations)



  Regional Golf Association Player Points

– 300+ NCGA 11 Player Points (Northern Cal)

– 300+ SCGA 2011 Player Points (Southern Cal)

– 400+ AGA 2011 Player Points (Arizona)

– 300+ OGA 2011 Player Points (Oregon)

– 150+ SNGA 2011 Player Points (Southern NV)

similar weighted points exemption threshold for other association/federation/unions invited upon request


any eligible mid-am exempt from qualifying for any USGA tournament for 10 or 11.



host venue Club Champion if eligible


those invited upon request or otherwise